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The Biggest Loser Winner
Season 8

Danny Cahill is half the man he used to be. As the Biggest Loser winner of Season 8 he dropped an unbelievable 239 pounds. The 40 year old land surveyor from Oklahoma went from 430 pounds to 191 pounds in a little less than 7 months. He is returning home with the $250,000 top prize AND the title of biggest loser in the history of the show. Cahill lost an incredible 55% of his body weight, more than any contestant has ever achieved.

A Lifetime Struggle
Danny came to the Biggest Loser after long struggling with his weight. He was overweight as a child from age 7 to 15. When he was 15 he was able to lose 75 lbs. and kept it off for 8 years. During that time he became quite popular and the envy of many guys, being in a band. Unfortunately, he gained it all back plus another 150 lbs. Danny's family means the world to him and he doesn't want to leave them early in life. They are the reason he filled out applications for seasons 6 and 7 before finally making it on season 8.

Turning Point
The turning point in the show for the Biggest Loser winner came in week 5 when the blue team sent his black team home for a week. The blue team was hoping that while being at home, their rivals would falter, falling off their diet and exercise routines. That lit a fire under Danny and he showed them by losing 15 lbs. that week, besting every member of the blue team. That was the beginning of the spark in him and that fire kept getting hotter and hotter and burned all the way until the end. Danny finally believed in himself and it gave him the confidence of a winner.

The Aftermath
One of the issues with losing that large amount of weight is the excess skin that exists in the aftermath. Danny is considering surgery to deal with it, but before he does that he wants to hit the gym to build some muscle. After doing that he will reevaluate his situation before deciding to pursue surgery. Another concern is the fear of gaining the weight back. Danny believes it will be different this time because he will stay diligent. He'll also be having weekly weigh-ins with his wife, who's lost 60 lbs over the course of the show. They'll be accountable to each other.

A New Life
Danny is looking forward to his brand new life. Starting with the holidays, which he plans on enjoying without a diet disaster due to his new knowledge of proper eating habits and moderation. A big part of his new life will be physical activities he wasn't able to do before because of his weight, like martial arts lessons with his son, rock climbing, camping, and fishing. Also, his music creative juices are flowing again after putting his love of music on the back burner. He's back to writing songs again. Finally, part of his prize money will go to buying a new wardrobe that he sorely needs.

Paying it Forward
Danny Cahill's biggest ambition is helping other people improve their lives and get healthier. He wants to take what he's learned as the Biggest Loser winner and give it to others. "My goal is to pay it forward and to be an inspiration to everyone I can come in contact with." That's already started with his wife. Now he wants to spread his inspirational weight loss story all across the nation.

The Biggest Loser winner of season 8 has a lot to look forward to and he's grateful to the show for giving him this new life. "I can still have dreams and still provide for my family and be a great dad and a great husband."

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