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PaceMaster Treadmills Review

Pacemaster treadmills are well known in the fitness equipment industry for having first-rate quality.

PaceMaster Treadmills

That’s the reason why most of their machines receive excellent ratings and favorable reviews from treadmill experts.

Are They For You?

PaceMaster is a brand you can depend on if you want above average quality, features and specs. However, if you are the price conscious type of person, then this brand is not for you. (see our best buy treadmills) It is priced a bit more than your typical mid-priced model but I'll assure you, every extra penny you spend is well worth it when it comes to Pacemaster.

The Company Behind the Brand

The PaceMaster brand is owned and manufactured by Aerobics Inc. This company was founded by Bill Staub, who is known to be one of the most influential figures in the development of treadmills.

PaceMaster have been building treadmills for the last 35 years. These machines are built on the principles of Dr. Kenneth Cooper on aerobic exercise which is to give you a highly scientific measurement of your cardiovascular benefits for each workout. At present, they combine their 3 decades of fitness wisdom with the latest technology so they can offer the best machines possible.

Unlike most manufacturers, this company still produces all of their models in the United States. They believe that quality should not be sacrificed for lower price tags and it is this belief that helped their units remain on top of most “best buy treadmills” lists.

Price Range

The current PaceMaster treadmills belong in the upper mid-priced to lower premium-priced range category. They range from $1,700 to as high as $2,300.

Actually, you might notice that most of their new models are bit below to the Pace Master price tag that we’ve been use to. This is because they are trying to provide more value in their units to compete with brands manufactured overseas.

The Warranty

One way to know if a product is of high quality is by looking at the length of its warranties. Pace Master is offering a lifetime warranty for frame, 12 years for drive motor, 5 years for parts, and a year for labor. This simply shows that the company whole-heartedly believe in their treadmills.


One of the biggest weaknesses of this company is that their previous units as well as some of their current lower priced models have some stability issues. This is mainly because they’re using aluminum frames for their units, which make these treadmills weigh lighter thus making them unstable.


Their latest models have been nothing but amazing. The minor setback (stability) from their previous units had been improved in their premium models. I would certainly recommend PaceMaster treadmills.

Where to Buy?

If you want to buy PaceMaster treadmills , I suggest you locate a dealer near you through Pacemaster. I’m not sure if there are any online retailers selling this brand as of the time of this writting.

PaceMaster Bronze Basic Treadmill
Cost: $1,699
Motor Size: 3.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 11mph
Running Surface: 54in x 20in
Heart Rate: no
Folding: no
Others: this is one of the best below $2,000.

PaceMaster Silver Select Treadmill
Cost: $1,899
Motor Size: 3.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 11mph
Running Surface: 54in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: no
Others: this is another great value mid-priced model from PaceMaster.

PaceMaster Gold Elite Treadmill
Cost: $2,099
Motor Size: 3.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Running Surface: 60in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: no
Others: for just a little over $2,000, you'll get a machine that can compete to any treadmill below $2,500.

PaceMaster Gold Elite Fold-up Treadmill
Cost: $2,499
Motor Size: 3.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Running Surface: 60in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: the folding version of the Gold Elite. This is one of the best folding treadmills you will find in the market today.

PaceMaster Platinum Pro Treadmill
Cost: $2,299
Motor Size: 3.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Running Surface: 60in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: no
Others: the improved electronics and new e-courses are definitely worth the $200 increase from the Gold unit.

How Are PaceMasters Treating You?

If you have a PaceMaster in your home or health club, chances are visitors of this site would love to hear from you. It's fun, free and easy to do.

Tell us what you like or hate about the company and/or its treadmills. We want to hear from an actual owner/user whether or not this brand is worth purchasing. We need you to help prevent buyers from making a costly mistake.

Note: This site would no longer accept submissions that doesn't provide some real value to other readers of this site.

Read Other Visitor's Opinion

Below, you can read or comment on what other visitors think about PaceMaster...

Bad News 
The only thing "bad" that we can say about our Pacemaster Pro-SX is that, after 18 years, it broke - and the company went out of business a year ago …

Pacemaster ProSelect 
I purchased the ProSelect almost 7 years ago and I'm very satisfied with the quality and reliability. The first two years I used it off and on for …

Does everything I need 
I have the Pace Master Platinum Pro VR that I bought around 2 years ago. The big selling point for me was the simplicity and durability of the design...The …

pacemaster treadmill 
I bought a Pacemaster treadmill at a garage sale. I have not found the serial number, but it is a 2hp sx pro. can anyone tell me more about this …

pacemaster - 20 Years of Running Not rated yet
I've had my pacemaster for 20 years. I have trained for mainly marathons on It & actually ran one marathon on it! It's lived a great life but the brlt …

Pacemaster Plus II Owner for over 16 years Not rated yet
I bought a Pacemaster Plus II treadmill more than 16 years ago. At one point it time, albeit briefly, it served as a clothes hanger, but generally, …

needs incline motor and gear box - pacemaster pro select Not rated yet
We have the pacemaster pro select. It has been a great unit. 14 years old. The incline gear box has packed it in and we need a replacement part. …

Vintage Pacemaster still going strong Not rated yet
I have had a Pacemaster Treadmill since 1990 and it works just as great today as it did when I bought it. Also had many years of wonderful performance …

Best Buy Ever Not rated yet
Purchased in Feb. 1995 and have never, ever had a problem. Two sons used it while in high school and my husband and I have used it the whole twenty …

Long Service Life with No Repairs Not rated yet
We bought a Pacemaster in 1999 and have used it extensively in our home gym with no problems including the so-called stability problem mentioned. …

Pace master elite. Would not buy again Not rated yet
We purchased a Pacemaster Elite about 6 years ago and expected a 1900 dollar unit to last much longer when it was not utilized very much. The circuit …

PaceMaster Abandons Installed Base Not rated yet
I bought a PaceMaster treadmill because of the quality of the product and expected reliability and backing of the warranty. But the company has abandoned …

Major Challenge With Silver Select XP Not rated yet
We have owned this unit for three (3) years. By week two the computer and elevation cradle went kaputz. Just thought it was not much of a challenge. …

Where, in British Columbia, Canada, can I purchase the PaceMaster Gold Elite Fold-up treadmill? Not rated yet
I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and I am interested in purchasing the PaceMaster Gold Elite Fold-Up treadmill. I have not been able to locate …

Pacemasters are amazing! Not rated yet
Our Pacemaster is 15 years old and it's still going strong. To be fair, our workouts have been "on again, off again", but all five of us in the family …

Awesome Treadmill Not rated yet
I have actually gone through two of these treadmills; the first I purchased new and had well over ten years. I bought it when I lived in Ohio and spend …

Pacemaster Pro Plus Not rated yet
I bought this treadmill 15 years ago and the motor burned out today, 15 years later. Both my wife and I run on it, so it has logged thousands of hours. …

Pacemaster Proselect Not rated yet
My Proselect was purchased in 2002 and currently has almost 1000 hours of use. We have been happy with the way it has worked. The only major issues we …

The PaceMaster Gold Treadmill. Not rated yet
We have had our PaceMaster Gold for 6 years now, and we love the fact that it has been maintenance free. I have been on several other Treadmills and the …

Pacemaster 6 year owner Not rated yet
I have owned a Pacemaster now for 6 years and generally will run on it an average of 20-25 miles per week. Overall I like it very much and there is no …

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