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Healthrider Treadmills Reviewed

Healthrider Treadmills

Are They Made for You?

Healthrider treadmills are mostly known for one thing... their features. And most of these feature rich treadmills are very affordable.

So if you're on a limited budget, then this brand might be the one for you.

But if you're someone who's looking for high quality treadmills that would last for years and years, then I suggest you look for another brand. Although Healthrider offers a few mid priced treadmills, you'd be better off buying from a brand, which specializes in making treadmills in that price range. You'd get more value for your money and have longer warranties. (see our best buy treadmills page)

HealthRider and Icon

The company became popular during the early 90's with the introduction of the original Healthrider. Today, their new lines of fitness equipment are based on the same unique concepts: innovative technology, easy-to-use, low-impact and enjoyable. That's what they say they're all about.

Healthrider H95T Treadmill

Healthrider treadmills are made by Icon Health and Fitness. It has 4,800 employees and 10 manufacturing facilities in the United Stated, Canada and China. It is considered as the biggest manufacturer and marketer of treadmills in the world. Other brands created by Icon are Reebok, Weslo, Proform etc.

The Price Range

Healthriders fall in the low to mid price range category. Most of its treadmills range from as low as $600 to as high as $1500 or above. So expect that the warranties they offer are proportional to its price. The lower priced models usually come with a few years warranty while their more expensive treadmills offer lifetime warranties on its motor.


One of the biggest fallback of treadmills offered by Healthrider is that they are known more for their features rather than their quality. So don't expect these machines to last very long.

Recommended or Not?

In conclusion, I believe that Healthrider offers good treadmills. But I must say that there are other brands out there that would give you better treadmills in this price range. Check out our best treadmill page.

If you still like to give HealthRider a try, I suggest you buy your HealthRider Treadmills directly from amazon.

Click here to visit amazon

But before you buy, check out our reviews of individaul Healthriders below. It will guide you in choosing the best machine for you.

HealthRider H79T Treadmill
Cost: $749
Motor Size: 2.5hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Maximum Incline: 12%
Running Surface Size: 56in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: Nothing really special about this machine. This is just an average entry level treadmill.

HealthRider H95T Treadmill
Cost: $849.98
Motor Size: 2.75hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Maximum Incline: 12%
Running Surface Size: 60in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: This one is normally sold for $999 but it can now be bought for below $850, and at that price this machine is a great value.

Below are some of the older treadmills from Health Rider that have been discontinued. I would keep the reviews here as most of these machines are still being sold by some websites or auction sites.

HealthRider T650i Treadmill Discontinued
Cost: $999
Motor Size: 2.0chp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Maximum Incline: 10%
Running Surface Size: 60in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: offers one of the biggest running decks below $1,000 during its introduction.

HealthRider T850i Treadmill Discontinued
Cost: $1,399
Motor Size: 2.5chp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Maximum Incline: 10%
Running Surface Size: 60in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: this was a beautifully packaged treadmill that falls in the mid-priced range category.

HealthRider T900i Treadmill Discontinued
Cost: $1,599
Motor Size: 3.0chp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Maximum Incline: 10%
Running Surface Size: 60in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: this was the most expensive Healthrider treadmill.

Are You Using a HealthRider Treadmill?

If you're using or have used a Healthrider, chances are visitors of this site would love to hear from you. It's fun, free and easy to do.

Tell us what you like or hate about the company and/or its treadmills. We want to hear from an actual owner/user whether or not this brand is worth purchasing. We need you to help prevent buyers from making a costly mistake.

Note: This site would no longer accept submissions that doesn't provide real value to other readers of this site.

Read Opinions of Other Consumers

Below, you can read or comment on what other contributors think about Healthrider...

Jury is still out Not rated yet
I bought a HealthRider H95T in July of 2010. I am a marathoner and wanted an indoor option for training. Since purchasing in July, I have had to call …

HealthRider Treadmill Not rated yet
My husband had a massive stroke in 1990 (20 years ago) The Dr. suggested he get a tredmill to exercise. I found a used HealthRider, that had been refurbished. …

Would never buy again Not rated yet
Bought Healthrider H120t. Became inoperable after only 4 months of use. Customer service impossible to get through to. I guess the old adage is true. …

R65 from costco Not rated yet
Worked great for 5 years, motor started smoking, costs more to repair ($500) than to invest in a new one.

Original HealthRider Pro  Not rated yet
I have owned a HealthRider for approx. 13 years now. I have never had a problem with this treadmill. The only negative would be increased adjustment of …

Owned a HealthRider for 15 years so far Not rated yet
I have a HealthRider treadmill that I purchased back in 1995 and it still is better than some of the new treadmills I see today. It is very functional …

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