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HealthRider T850i Treadmill Reviews

HealthRider T850i Treadmill

HealthRider T850i Treadmill

Just like most recent Healthrider treadmills, the HealthRider T850i treadmill is a beautifully packaged treadmill that falls in the mid-priced range category.

Is This Treadmill for You?

This treadmill is perfect for anyone. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or hardcore runner, this model would provide you the perfect intensity you desire. Plus, it is affordable so it fits into most people’s budget.

Features and Benefits

This treadmill offers you a 2.5 CHP continuous duty motor that can be reach speeds of up to 12mph and can be elevated for up to 10%. All of these allow you to adjust the intensity of your workouts according to your fitness level.

The QuickSpeed™ and Quick Incline™ feature of this treadmill offers unprecedented control of your workouts. You can easily change the machine’s speed and incline level to fit your needs.

The 20" x 60" treadbelt is bigger and longer than the average treadmill. So you can workout comfortably no matter what your size is. It is especially beneficial to those who are tall and requires longer strides.

The Adjustable BioFlex™ Cushioning protects your joints, ankles, and knees for a longer and more comfortable run. Plus it is adjustable so you may modify it for a softer or firmer stride.

The 4-Window LED BioLogic™ Console was built to be large enough so you won’t have a hard time reading. Now you can easily monitor your workouts with these big displays.

The BioLogic™ Grip Pulse Sensors (with optional BioLogic™ Chest Pulse Sensor) let you track your pulse by simply gripping the bar. This allows you to work in your target heart rate for a more effective cardio or fat burning workout.

The HealthRider T850i treadmill has 12 SMART, 2 Heart Rate, 2 Learn preset programs… giving you more variety for your workouts. Plus, it is compatible so you can have even more program choices.

Finally, the SpaceSaver® Fold Away Design allows you to save valuable space in your house. This feature would benefit those with limited areas in their homes as it only takes a fraction of the floor space when folded.

What it Lacks

This treadmill is still to new to make any conclusions if it could withstand the test of time. But Healthrider is known for putting below average parts in their treadmills. So just be careful when buying this company’s treadmills.


I think the HealthRider T850i treadmill is a good treadmill but it belongs in a very competitive price range. And I do believe that there other treadmills in this price range that can give you more value for your money. (See our best treadmill page.)


Motor: 2.5 CHP continuous duty

Running Deck: 60”L x 20”W

Speed: 0 to 12 mph

Incline: 0 to 10%

Foldable: Yes

Heart Rate: Yes


iFIT® Compatible
• Adjustable BioFlex™ Cushioning
• BioLogic™ Grip Pulse Sensors
• Optional BioLogic™ Chest Pulse Sensor
• QuickSpeed™
• Power Incline™
• 4-Window LED BioLogic™ Console
• CoolAire™ Fan
• 7 x 10 Interval Tracker
• Programs: 12 SMART, 2 Heart Rate, 2 Learn
• SpaceSaver® Fold Away Design

Where to Buy?

If you plan on buying a HealthRider T850i treadmill, I suggest you buy it at amazon. They offer the cheapest price around the net. You can get it for just $1,399.00.

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