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Golds Gym Treadmill Reviews

Golds Gym treadmills have been known for providing great value on their entry level machines.

Golds Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill

However, price increases a few years ago greatly lessened the attractiveness of this brand. But the good news is that their newly released Gold's gym models are cheaper and better than ever.

I think the company now realizes that they need to keep prices low to remain competitive.

Is This The Brand For You?

If you’re looking for great entry level treadmills then this brand is a good choice. With their new models, you'll certainly have a hard time looking for a cheaper brand that offers the same features. (You might want to visit our best buy treadmills page to see if there are Gold's Gym treadmills included in our list)

About Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is a chain of fitness gyms, founded by Joe Gold in Venice, California. It was featured in the movie “Pumping Iron” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, which bought a lot of attention to the gym.

Currently, Golds Gym is the largest co-ed gym chain in the world with more than 600 facilities in 43 states and 25 countries. They are also licensing their name for fitness products that now includes treadmills.

Golds Gym treadmills are licensed by Icon Health and Fitness. Icon is the largest manufacturer and marketer of exercise equipment in the world. It has 4,800 employees and 10 manufacturing facilities in the United Stated, Canada and China. It is also owns the license to other well known brands like Proform, Reebok, and Weslo just to name a few.


Gold’s Gym motors is good for joggers and walkers. It's 2.5 HP motors meet or beat other cost-conscious brands. 

Price Range

Gold's gym units are priced between a little below $400 up to as high as above $1,500. These prices include Gold's latest models.


It use to be that the biggest weakness of this brand is that they lack variety. The VX5000 was, for the last few years, the only unit Gold's has been selling. But that problem has been fixed with the introduction of new and better models. However, the brand still needs to put more effort in their marketing. A lot of people still don't know that there are Golds Gym treadmills.

Would I Recommend It?

To conclude, I do recommend Golds Gym treadmills but only as a starter treadmill. Although they have improved their quality, it is still not good enough for hardcore runners. (See our best buy treadmills page if you are looking for machines with excellent quality)

Where to Buy?  
Compare and Save!!!

Latest Golds Gym Treadmills are:

  • Golds Gym Trainer 720
  • Gold's Gym Trainer 430i

If you plan on buying a Golds Gym, I suggest you compare current prices at Walmart and Amazon

But before you buy, please read our reviews on individual Gold’s Gym treadmills below. It will help you better choose the fitness equipment that suits you best.

Gold’s Gym Trainer 410 Treadmill
Cost: $377.00
Motor Size: 2.0 Continuous HP
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 10%
Running Surface Size: 50in x 18in
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: Yes
Others: One of the newer entry level treadmills in Golds Gym line. It comes with a pair of hand weights for a better upper body workout during your exercise.

Gold’s Gym 450 Treadmill
Cost: $378.57
Motor Size: 2.5 HP
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 10%
Running Surface Size: 50in x 18in
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: Yes
Others: For the last few years, this is one of the best treadmills you will find below $400.

Gold’s Gym 480 Treadmill
Cost: $377.00
Motor Size: 2.5 HP
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 10%
Running Surface Size: 50in x 18in
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: No
Others: An excellent alternative to the Gold's Gym 450 (which is usually out of stock) with better features but is not foldable.

Below are some of the older treadmills from Golds Gym that have been discontinued. I would keep the reviews here as most of these machines are still being sold by some websites.

Gold’s Gym VX 5000 Treadmill Discontinued
Cost: $1,299
Motor Size: 2.5 HP continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 12%
Running Surface Size: 60in x 19in
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: No
Others: One of the first few treadmill models from Gold's Gym.

What's Your Opinion On Golds Gym?

If you're a Gold's Gym owner or user, we would love to hear from you. Write about your experience! It's fun, free and easy to do. Plus, you can help other consumers on their decision with your contrubution.

Tell us what you like or dislike about the company and/or its treadmills. We want to hear from an actual owner/user whether or not this brand is worth purchasing. We need you to help prevent buyers from making a costly mistake.

Note: We would no longer publish contributions that doesn't really provide any real value to other readers of this site.

Read Community Contributions Below

Below, you can read or comment on what other contributors think about Gold's Gym...

Just bought a 410 
Had no problem putting it together. Haven't worked out on it much as of yet

Gold's Gym Crosstrainer 600 Treadmill 
I weigh 250+ lbs and have used this treadmill steadily for over 5 years. It only cost around $600 at the time I bought it at WalMart and I have used it …

Gold's Gym 550 Trainer 
The Display will not display anything after 95 days. Walmart or the manufacturer would not stand behind the replacement of the electronics.

golds gym customer service 
So I waited four weeks to get my golds gym cross walk 570 delivered. When it finally got to my house we opened the box and put the treadmill together. …

Gold's Gym 450 Treadmill.. ok for walkers.. 
I bought this treadmill thinking it would be a pretty good buy for around $400. Upon using this machine, I was pretty happy with it.. until the incline …

How many calories burned  
How many additional calories will I burn when I use the arm stridors with the Maxx 650? I don't believe it includes them in the exercise? I love my treadmill. …

golds gym 450 from walmart 
The second day we used it it wouldnt incline,shortly after the screen went blank. returned it for another same thing happened to the electronics after …

Gold's Gym 480 Treadmill 
I've believed quality has been built into Gold's Gym products until I purchased a Model 480 Treadmill. Assembly takes time but is not difficult and once …

My Treadmill is Broke! 
I bought a treadmill from Wal-mart, seemed like a good idea, except it is broke, less than a year later! The display turns on, but the beld doesnt start! …

650 crosswalk golds gym treadmill 
I loved it until it broke! I am a runner, apparently too hardcore for this treadmill! I ran for six months, yesterday it refused to spin anymore! Now …

Gold's Gym BUTTONS DON'T WORK !! Not rated yet
Less than 30 days after purchase and the buttons do not work. I could not get it to start. The decline worked but no incline. Reduce speed worked …

Gold's Gym 470 Treadmill. Not rated yet
Absolute junk.I bought it just over 3 months ago and it died today,just after the 90 day warranty expired.I hardly ever used it and now I have a 150 …

GARBAGE Not rated yet
Bought a Golds Gym treadmill from walmart in march. Used it twice. After knee surgery I go to use it and the display is dead. Wont light up etc. NEVER …

bought a 410, display model at Walmart Not rated yet
If you buy a treadmill that is on display, make sure the clerk tries it out for you, I took mine home and it didn't work, exchanged it for the 420 in …

Crosswalk 550 Not rated yet
I purchased my Crosswalk 550 9/2011 and purposely waited a year and a half to write any type of review. This is my first (The used Proform i bought …

Gold's Gym VX 5000 Not rated yet
I purchased this treadmil at Sam's Club 7 years ago. I have always worked out at a club. So I wanted a good quality product that would last and would …

Pure Junk Not rated yet
Purchased this treadmill used and it worked fine for 4 days. According to the information mode on the treadmill, it's been run for a total of 26 days …

Pure Crap & NO Customer Service Not rated yet
I bought my GG treadmill last Christmas. It worked great for 6 months & one morning just wouldn't work. I spent months trying to reach & speak with Customer …

Wish I had read this first Not rated yet
I am a rather avid runner. I purchased a Gold's Gym 410 treadmill from Walmart about two weeks ago. It never fails that after I 'run', the belt has shifted …

pennycr Not rated yet
Hate, hate the Gold's Gym 550. Three months after I bought it, the belt started slipping. Called customer service and followed their advice, and nothing …

Gold's Gym 550 Tracker Treadmill Not rated yet
Display is locked in demo mode? User's manual instructions don't work. Happened about 95 days after purchase. Neither Walmart or Gold's Gym would …

golds gym 480 treadmill Not rated yet
i bought my treadmill on march 19th, I started putting it together as soon as I got home. While trying to set it up, I realised the factory put the wrong …

Certified Professional Technician Not rated yet
I need someone to come out and assemble my treadmill.

Hope your fan doesn't quit after just 29 days! Not rated yet is a company that you contact if you have a problem with your Gold's Gym treadmill. Well, good luck! I hope the fan doesn't quit working …

Click here to write your own.

broken Not rated yet
Had treadmill 30 days, used three times, and stopped working. Waiting on tech to come to house and fix

Icon Health and Fitness makes poor quality products Not rated yet
We have a Gold's Gym Trainer 550 which had the display go out after about 8 months. This appears to be a common problem with some of their models. Contacted …

Larry palmisanoGolds Gym Maxx crosswalk pro 650 Not rated yet
Have had it for 1yr first sixs months belt slipped so bad I had to have it repaired. I tried the service but it's impossible to break the phone line. Recording …

Basic Treadmill Gold's Gym 450 Not rated yet
The first time I used it, it inclined to the maximum height and would not decline. I read the instructions, adjusted the incline "screw", and it raised …

Piece of S____machine Not rated yet
We bought our machine about a month ago and I got up this morning to walk and it won't even come on. We have been having a problem with for about a week. …

Do Not Buy A Gold's Gym Treadmill !!! Not rated yet
I purchased a Crosswalk 650 from Wal-Mart in 2008. Within about 7 months it was inoperable (belt was apparently skipping). They sent a tech out who basically …

awsome Not rated yet

piece of junk. Not rated yet
Walmart does it again. Makes a company build according to their specs so they can sell it cheap. The display lit up for couple of minutes then dies. Hope …

Gold's Gym 450 Not rated yet
A great, inexpensive treadmill! It was purchased at Walmart and has been a great investment. Only a year old so I can't comment on its durability. The …

GOLDS GYM 450 Not rated yet
Hi, All I have to say is your product SUCKS! I will not ever buy another one of your products again. We bought the 450 treadmill on Feb.4,2009 and when …

Gold's Gym 450 treadmill, Best Bang for your Buck Not rated yet
My husband and I recently purchased the Gold's Gym 450 treadmill from walmart, after reading some of the reviews wich mostly if not all positive and would …

hard to slow down on treadmill Not rated yet
Its hard to slow down when you're at maximum level because your concentration goes on pressing the little decrease speed button and not on your momentum. …

Golds Gym 550 Not rated yet
I purchased the new Golds Gym 550 Treadmill. 2 months into ownership and the display screen is flickering. I have sent e-mails to the warranty company …

450 model Not rated yet
Got the 450 and the first day the incline went up and wouldn't go back down. If this can't be fixed it is going back.

Gold Gym 550 Treadwill Not rated yet
Had this unit for just over 5 months (got it brand new). The display no longer works and the warranty is only for 90 days. When I called, the factory suggested …

Click here to write your own.

(Once again, if you plan on buying this brand I suggest you compare prices at Walmart and Amazon).

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