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Biggest Loser Message Board

Do You Love The Biggest Loser?

On the Biggest Loser Message BoardYou Can Talk All About It

  • How does the show impact you? Does the show inspire you? Does it depress you? Does it make you more or less likely to start making changes in your own life?
  • Who's transformations have amazed you the most? Can you imagine losing that much weight? How would it change your life?
  • What do you think of Jillian leaving the show? Love her or hate her? Do you miss her? What do you think of the new trainers? Who's your favorite? Do you think the trainers work the contestants too hard?
  • Has the show resulted in any positive changes in your own exercise and eating habits? Has it motivated you to get off the couch and get started?
  • Who are your favorite contestants? Who do you root for? Who are your least favorite contestants? Have you ever met anyone who was on the show? Who is the biggest villain ever on BL?
  • What have you learned from the show? Do you apply what you see on the show in your own workouts? Share your favorite workout and diet tips.