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Biggest Loser Finale 
Season 8

History was made on the Biggest Loser finale of season 8. The winner, Danny Cahill, lost 239 pounds, which was 55.58% of his original weight. That was the largest weight loss in Biggest Loser history and good enough to win him the $250,000 grand prize.

Second place finisher, Rudy, also lost an incredible amount of weight, shedding 234 pounds. That was 52.94% of his weight, bringing him in just short of Cahill's record results. 

The Biggest Loser finale began with host Allison announcing the results of America's vote for the contestant to join Danny and Rudy in the final 3. Twenty year old Amanda, who was the contestant the viewers voted to be on the show during the season 7 finale, was chosen over 49 year old Liz.

Ultimately it was meaningless because both women lost 34% of their body weight. While that is still impressive, it was far behind the other 2 finalists amazing 50+% weight loss.

A large part of every Biggest Loser finale is the weigh-in for the 13 at-home contestants. These are the participants who started on the show, but were voted off during the course of the season. They continue their weight loss at home, competing for the $100,000 at-home prize. 

Love is In the Air

The first two to weigh in were Antoine and Alexandra. They will be remembered not for their weight loss results, but for getting engaged on live television.

Later in the show, right before the final weigh in occurred, Antoine invited Alexandra on the stage. On bended knee, through his tears he asked her to marry him. She accepted and the Biggest Loser had another successful love match.

People who like romance shows should stop watching "The Bachelor or Bachelorette" and watch the Biggest Loser instead. They have a much higher success rate.

Would Evil Tracey Win?

The main drama for the at-home contestants came down to whether season 8 villain, Tracey, would be able to hold on to win the at-home prize. Tracey ended up losing 118 pounds/47.23% of body weight, but it wasn't good enough to best Rebecca's 49.82% loss of body weight. Rebecca looked great, but was almost unrecognizable.

Besides her incredible weight loss, her hair was short and blonde. She was also part of the second Biggest Loser romantic success story from this season, as she's currently dating Daniel (two time BL contestant).

Subway Shay 

Shay came in as the heaviest woman ever (476 lbs.) and was a focal point of the show, inspiring many. She came from a very difficult background and had to deal with a lot of emotional baggage. While losing 172 pounds, she has a difficult journey ahead to continue to lose weight.

In recognizing that, Biggest Loser arranged for Subway to agree to pay Shay, $1,000 for every pound she loses between now and the Biggest Loser finale for season 9 in May 2010. She will be working out on her own, but that's a deal every other contestant wished they had.

The Biggest Loser finale is always an emotional ride. The results are consistently impressive and the number of changed lives is truly moving.

While I still have problems with many of the training methods they use on the show, the millions of people who are motivated and inspired by the show are hard to argue with.

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