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Female Six Pack Abs

Female six pack abs are much more common than in the past. While it is more difficult for women to achieve a six pack compared to men, many are more than up for the challenge.

There are also increasingly more men who are attracted to women with six pack abs.

Female Six Pack Abs
Female Six Pack Abs
Six Pack Abs
Six Pack Abs
female six pack abs, girl abs
female six pack abs, girl abs

It is possible for women to have a six pack without being overly bulky everywhere else. Women who are fitness competitors are an example of this (like the women above).

Fit, toned, and muscular without being too large is a very attractive look to a lot of men. Including me! 

woman abs
woman abs

While ab workouts are a key part of achieving six pack abs and are necessary, how you eat is an even bigger factor. A thousand crunches a day can't overcome poor eating habits.

Your body fat level, much more than ab exercises determines whether you have a six pack or not. All the women on this page obviously have their diets in order.

Whole body strength training is another key to achieving a six pack. Lifts such as deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, pushups, and overhead presses heavily involve your core muscles.

Your abs have to contract strongly to keep your trunk stable while performing those kind of movements. 

Female Abs, Girl Abs
Female Six Pack Abs

Six pack abs are a sign of a lot of dedication and hard work.

An achievement to be proud of!

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