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Celebrity Workouts

Celebrity workouts are of great interest to a large portion of our celebrity obsessed culture. Fans of celebrities see them walk the red carpet, or up on the big screen and marvel at the incredible shape the stars are in.

They admire and envy their sleek figures and physiques. They want to know how they did it and they want to do the same workouts themselves, hoping to get similar results. Thus the intense interest in celebrity workouts and how they do it.

Celebrities often have a big advantage when it comes to getting into shape. They can generally afford to have the best personal trainers, along with having the time to devote to getting in the best shape possible.

Most non-celebrities don't have the luxury of focusing full time on getting in shape.

Often the stars will take months working full time getting in shape for a role, such as Brad Pitt in Fight Club, and Gerard Butler (along with the other actors) in "300. Their results show on the screen and often become legendary.

Celebrity workouts vary a great deal. From traditional strength training, to whole body functional training, to heavy cardio, to Pilates and Yoga, a wide variety of methods are used.

Depending on the look required, a good personal trainer will prescribe the method or methods that will achieve the desired result. Whatever the desired result, there is a scientifically designed workout plan available to reach the goals of the actor.

Here are some of the hottest celebrity workouts:

The 300 Workout 
How'd They Do That?!?

When someone inquires about the 300 Workout, what they're really asking is, "What do I have to do to look like the guys in that movie 300"? 300 is probably best known for the incredible physiques of the actors in the movie, and rightly so. 

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The Brad Pitt Workout

The Brad Pitt workout has been in great demand since the release of Fight Club in 1999. His tight, athletic body became the envy of a lot of men. Pitt's character, Tyler Durden, epitomized what many Joe Six Pack guys consider to be the perfect body they'd like to have. 

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Britney Spears Ab Workout

There is a lot of interest in Britney Spears ab workout. While she hasn't always stayed in the greatest shape, her abs have been greatly admired by her fans over the years. 

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