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Britney Spears Ab Workout

There is a lot of interest in Britney Spears ab workout. While she hasn't always stayed in the greatest shape, Britney Spears stomach and her abs have been greatly admired by her fans over the years.

Before her latest comeback in 2008 she began an intensive training program to get her body back. She ended up losing 20 pounds thanks to her ab workout, two-hour cardio-and-strength-training workouts three times a week (on top of dance rehearsals).

In addition, she used a food delivery plan consisting of 1,100 to 1,200 calories a day. Her abs are back in top form.

Here is the Britney Spears ab workout

Comments: The four ab exercises shown in the video are all good, solid exercises. I would bet she is doing more than this, but if those are the only ab exercises she's doing, she's selling herself short. She should be doing much more challenging exercises.....exercises that would develop her abs to their maximum potential and focus more on core stability.

Cutting edge ab training has moved far beyond using just the floor exercises shown in the video. In addition, all of the exercises in the video heavily involve spinal flexion. Over time repeated spinal flexion can wear out the discs in your back. There are better alternatives.

The best ab workouts today include movements and stability exercises that involve the core more fully, exercises done on an unstable surface (exercise ball), stability exercises that involve no movement (plank, side plank), rotational chopping movements, exercises using external resistance (medicine ball), and whole body functional movements that work their entire body while also working the abs (squats, dead lifts, overhead presses).

If I was training Britney she would be doing some of the exercises here: Best Core Exercises, including hanging knee raises, the plank, and the ab wheel.

Additional ab training would include such exercises as wood choppers, side plank, jack knives, mountain climbers, V-ups, crunches on an exercise ball using a medicine ball, and medicine ball slams. All of these movements will give you rock hard abs and a strong core.

Yes, Britney Spears stomach and abs look good, but they could look even better. Plus she would be even stronger overall if she did more core training. Not only would that make her abs look better, it would help her be a stronger dancer.

Hey Britney! You should be doing the Side Plank!

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