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Athlon Treadmills Review

Athlon Treadmills

Update: This brand has been discontinued

Athlon treadmills are known for being beautifully packaged units. However, other than their pretty looks, there’s really no other reason why you should buy this brand.

Are They The Best Treadmills For You?

If you’re looking for a machine with eye catching design, then this is the brand for you. Athlon models come with excellent packaging as this seems to be what the company is focusing on at the moment in order to sell more units.

The Company behind the Brand

Athlon machines are owned by Athlon fitness, a company which was established in the USA in 1997. They have been concentrating their efforts to market Athlon machines to specialty fitness retailers. But lately, most of these retailers (even internet fitness sites) had discontinued offering Athlon.

Price Range

Athlons are sold for very low prices. They are considered by many as cheap alternatives to Icon manufactured treadmills (especially since they have a slight edge in quality). Currently, they have 2 models in the market. One is sold for a little less than $1,000 and the other for around $1,300.


The biggest concern I have with buying Athlon units is that I don’t think the company would be around for very long(especially since most retailers are no longer selling this brand). And if the company shuts down, your treadmill warranty would be useless.


Where to Buy?

If you’re going to buy an Athlon, I suggest you locate a dealer through Athlonfitness since most internet fitness sites no longer offer this brand.

But before you buy, please read our reviews on individual Athlon products below. It will help you better choose the fitness equipment that suits you best.

Athlon Simplicity Treadmill
Cost: $999
Motor Size: 1.75 HP continuous duty servo
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 10 levels
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
Running Surface Size: 54in x 18in
Heart Rate: No
Folding: No
Others: This treadmill’s biggest strength is its excellent design.

Athlon Simplicity LX Treadmill
Cost: $1,299
Motor Size: 1.75 HP continuous duty servo
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Maximum Incline: 10 levels
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
Running Surface Size: 54in x 18in
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: Yes
Others: This is similar to the Athlon Simplicity above but with an EKG pulse grip, more preset workouts, and a folding feature.

Have You Use an Athlon Treadmill?

If you're using or have used an Athlon, chances are visitors of this site would love to hear from you. Write about your experience! It's fun, free and easy to do.

Tell us what you like or hate about the company and/or its treadmills. We want to hear from an actual owner/user whether or not this brand is worth purchasing. We need you to help prevent buyers from making a costly mistake.

Note: We would no longer publish contributions that doesn't really provide any real value to other readers of this site.

Read Opinions of Other Consumers

Below, you can read or comment on what other contributors think about Athlon...

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Bought it for my wife who uses it several times a week (nearly every day and sometimes twice a day). The treadmill has now been moved four times (twice …

Does anyone know the contact number for Athlon? 
I have a Athlon 'IQ2' purchased about 9 years ago. I need a warranty work. Does anyone have the contact number? Please help.

Fine treadmill Not rated yet
I'm no treadmill expert, but the Athlon Simplicity treadmill worked great for me. It has 10 levels of incline and it's a pretty piece to put in the living …

Good and long lasting Not rated yet
I have the Three9Nine, an excellent treadmill I inherited from my mother. She had it for many years, now it's mine. She had asthma, I have asthma, the …

Athlon Treamills Not rated yet
I have had, and used, my Athlon treamill for over 10 years now. I use it for walking, but my son uses it for running. NEVER had a problem, ever.

a fractured foot and a lot of $ spent and i cannot use the doggone thing... Not rated yet
Just when my warranty expired, I had trouble with the Cfi treadmill. The treadmill stopped abruptly and then as quickly as it stopped, it started …

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