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Athlon IQ 2.5

by Derwin



This was my mother's, who bought in the 90s.It became mine in 1999.

Dusty and dirty an misadjusted I adjusted and oiled belt adjustments and reapplied silicone under belt.

The display looks brand new because I only recently removed the plastic protective cover. The incline feature goes from 0 (level) to 9 which changes the effort required significantly. The machine works as if brand new. The front transport wheels have cracked and no longer support the front of the machine but it hasnt been moved in some time.

The Keys company in Texas closed in 2008 and original parts availability is rare, aftermarket is primary. After cleaning and tune up I use it everyday. Transport wheels are it's only fault but does not effect it's use. I wish they were still made. I love mine

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