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Weight Loss Workout on Treadmill

Regular cardio workouts such as running and walking have several health benefits and are very effective in maintaining a good shape. Many of us depend on gym memberships to work on our fitness plans but it is not always possible for everyone to make the time to go to a gym. Furthermore, it has become virtually impossible when all the gyms are closed during the ongoing pandemic.

The good news is we can still attain similar benefits from the comforts of our homes by making use of treadmills. One of the greatest advantages of treadmills over traditional workouts is they offer heart rate and blood pressure monitoring which could be particularly beneficial for people suffering from heart diseases. 

Weight-Loss Treadmill Workout Plan

The following workout plan can be added to your regular exercise routine for weight loss that you can do for four times a week. You can get started by doing it for 10 minutes for the first few days, and then gradually build it up to 20 to 30 minutes.

Set and regulate the speed and resistance on the treadmill as mentioned below. Inclining the treadmill produces similar effects of climbing that is incredible for cardiovascular health.

At a glance:

  • Week 1 – Slow and steady
  • Week 2 – Incline
  • Week 3 – Speed it up
  • Week 4 – Climb
Weight-Loss Treadmill Workout Plan

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WEEK 1 - SLOW AND STEADY (10 minutes)

Day 1: Put the speed level on 5. Walk at a steady pace for 10 minutes. 

Day 2: Keep walking without any breaks – at a speed of 5 mph.

Day 3: Amp up your speed level to 6 mph.

Day 4: Recovery day.

Day 5: Walk at a pace of 7 mph. 

Day 6: Same as day 5.

Day 7: Recovery day.

WEEK 2 - INCLINE (15 minutes)

Day 1: Walk at a speed of 5 mph at a 2% incline for 15 minutes.

Day 2: Repeat the workout of day 1.

Day 3: Increase the incline to 4% and walk at a speed of 6 mph.

Day 4: Recovery day.

Day 5: Level up your speed to 6 mph at a 6% incline.

Day 6: Repeat the workout of day 5.

Day 7: Recovery day.

WEEK 3 – SPEED IT UP (20 minutes)

Day 1: Let's put the speed to 6 mph and try walking for 20 minutes. 

Day 2: Keep walking at the same speed without any breaks.

Day 3: Amp it up to 8 mph.

Day 4: Recovery day.

Day 5: Same as day 3.

Day 6: Put the speed to 9 mph.

Day 7: Recovery day.

WEEK 4 - CLIMB (25 minutes)

Day 1: Start walking at a pace of 7 mph at a 2% incline.

Day 2: Increase the incline to 4% and set the speed to 8 mph.

Day 3: Keep walking at 8 mph with a 6% incline.

Day 4: Recovery day.

Day 5: Increase the incline to 8% and walk at a speed of 9 mph.

Day 6: Same as day 5

Day 7: Recovery day.

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Give yourself just 21 days to stick to this routine and you would not have to think twice before getting on the treadmill - your feet will be dragging you towards it.

WEEK 1 - SLOW AND STEADY (10 minutes)

WEEK 2 - INCLINE (15 minutes)

WEEK 3 – SPEED IT UP (20 minutes)

WEEK 4 - CLIMB (25 minutes)

Does Treadmill Burn Belly Fat?

Treadmill workout in itself is not enough for losing abdominal fat. A good diet along with proper exercise is crucial for keeping fit.

For instance, walking at a moderate pace for half an hour on a treadmill (burns off around 150 calories) and then grabbing a pizza (300 calories!) afterward will in fact lead to an increase in belly fat.

How Long Should You Work Out on the Treadmill to Lose Weight?

The American Heart Association's exercise guidelines suggests at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise for effective weight loss.

Therefore, 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, five times a week is enough for burning fat. Hence, if you walk for at least half an hour on a treadmill on a regular basis, you will certainly see a difference in your weight after three to four weeks. You can read our 20 Minute Treadmill Workout.

Lastly, do not let yourself get comfortable. If you can effortlessly do the workout at the speed you have been doing for some time, step up your pace and do longer runs. This will ensure that you do not hit a plateau in the weight loss process.

Cut back the number of calories you are consuming - avoid processed foods and sodas. 

At the end of the day, working out is more about mental perseverance than physical. Cut out the negativity in your mind along with the calories. It all starts with you and you are your only limit.

Get going… walk if you have to, but finish the damned race. – Ron Hill