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Treadmill Workouts: Lose Weight through These Treadmill Exercise Tips

Man Doing Treadmill Workouts

A Guide to Losing MORE Fat and Burning MORE Calories through Various Treadmill Workouts Tips

Just when you thought losing weight requires hardcore exercises, let me tell you that treadmill workouts can actually help you achieve the same result. Combined with eating right, getting enough rest, and reducing stress, cardio exercises can help you burn excessive fats in the body.

Below is a list of treadmill exercise tips that you may want to consider when trying to lose inches off your waist and getting that slender figure you’ve always wanted. If you have a treadmill at home, these exercises will surely be of great help in achieving your fitness goal.

Please consult your physician before doing any of the treadmill exercise below.

Morning Cardio Exercise

Try doing a cardio exercise early in the morning, just before you eat your breakfast. Running on your treadmill with an empty stomach will allow your body to use up your stored energy from the previous night. This means that, instead of burning calories from the food you might have taken in, your body will burn stored fats!

No Handrails!

When running, try not to hold the handrails. This should force you to exert more effort and, thus, burn more calories from your workout. However, before starting, make sure that you can keep up with the speed and pace of your run to avoid any injury.

Monitoring Heart Rate

During treadmill workouts, it’s not enough that you select your preferred speed, incline, and intensity. You also have to monitor your heart and pulse rate to maximize calorie burning. Knowing these stats will allow you to identify the level of intensity you need to achieve your fitness goal. As a general rule, to metabolize body fat, your workout should require 50% to 90% of your max heart rate (MHR). And to calculate your MHR, simply subtract your age from 220 (MHR = 220 – age).

Intense Interval Training

If you thought that the conventional continuous running exercise is enough to burn calories, let me correct you. Take advantage of the heart rate monitor of your treadmill and start trying high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Both treadmill workouts can actually help you burn fat and calories in your body. However, only HIIT can boost your metabolism that will help you burn calories longer even after you’re done with your workout. Aside from this, it will help you increase your muscle mass which is important in losing weight.

How do you do this then? Start by walking on your treadmill for 5 minutes to warm up the body and the muscles. Then run as fast as you can for 30-60 seconds, with around 85%-90% of your MHP. Then, for another 30-60 seconds, reduce your pace to around 50%-60% of your MHP. Repeat this cycle over a period of time.

Cardio Exercise with Hand Weights

If you are an advanced runner, this exercise is perfect for you as you may find regular treadmill exercises too simple or boring. To do this, incorporate hand weights while walking or running on your treadmill. This should increase the intensity of your exercise, build muscle strength, and thus, burn more fats and calories in the body.

Cardio Exercise with Weight Training

To maximize your weight lose program and exercise routines, try to lift weights after your cardio workout. If you are in a gym or health club, this should be easy to do because there are weights available. However, if you are doing your treadmill exercise at home and there are no weights to lift up, you can substitute push up, abs, or dumbbell exercises instead.

Variety of Workouts

The problem with doing the same workout routine over and over again is that your body will get used to it until it no longer provides the result you expect from it. Therefore, to ensure that you’ll be achieving your fitness goals including weight lose and calorie burning, make sure that do different treadmill exercises every now and then.

And do not just limit yourself with treadmill workouts. If there are other fitness equipment and exercising machines available, make sure to utilize them to add excitement and fun to your workout sessions, while trying to reach your fitness goals.

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