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walking surface area

by C Jans
(Makato, Mn U.S.A)

I was looking at buying this at Walmart, the size of the belt is of some concern, I'm use to using my inlaws larger treadmill and I think the walking area being it's so narrow might be a problem, most people don't walk with their head down watching where they are stepping, I tried the display model that was out and It feels like you cant take a natural stride because your feet are going to hit the outside of the belt because it's so narrow, was hoping my son could use it for training during Football but he is 6'2" and 265lbs. I think I need to look for larger one. The reason this one is so attractive is the price as well as the fold-up feature as space is also a concern for me. It might be ok for me as I would only use it for some fast walking and light jogging. So I'm still thinking about it..

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