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Treadmill Desk: Working while Working Out

Treadmill Desk from Trekdesk

Your Guide to Setting Up Your Own Treadmill Desk

Do you know that with a treadmill desk, you can work while working out?

Learn to literally multitask with this innovative treadmill set up.

A treadmill table is a unique way of setting up your treadmill to hold a computer, allowing you to work, check emails, surf the net, or watch multimedia while running and working out a sweat. It is considered an innovative invention combining physical fitness with entertainment and work.

This kind of exercising machine is designed to provide serious workers who sit in front of the computer for 8 to 10 hours a day a chance to work their body out without leaving their urgent computer tasks.

Because most office employees do not get enough physical exercise that their body needs, the treadmill desk shall help them achieve better weight and figure even when they are in front of their computers.

Is It For You?

If you are a hard-working computer geek who finds no time working out your body even during the lightest of days, then you should get a treadmill desk or convert your ordinary treadmill to one. This should keep you physically fit even if you work 16 hours a day!

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How it Works

A treadmill table uses the typical treadmill frame, drive, and belt. However, instead of the plain handles, there is a platform where your computer can be set up and serve as your workstation.

The platform is set up relatively stable to hold and support your computer. Now, while working out, you can keep working!

Setting Up Your Treadmill Desk

So, you want to work out while working? The treadmill table should help you achieve this objective. In setting up one, you may use your existing treadmill or buy a second hand model. This is so you won’t have to pay so much for a new one that you also have to modify. (As an alternative you can also get the Lifespan TR1200-DT, which is a treadmill with a built-in desk)

Stand on the belt of your treadmill while it is turned off. Identify the right height of your platform in which you can work comfortably and stably. This is how high you’ll set up your platform. If you are skilled with handy tools, you can build your own platform and attach it on the treadmill. Otherwise, seek the assistance of a professional or just buy yourself one.(read our review of TrekDesk) Make sure the desk is attached firmly to the frame of your treadmill so that it will carry your computer even during continuous and rigorous strides.

Attach the monitor of your computer in a height that is level to your eyes. You don’t want to be looking way down or way up when working and working out at the same time. While set up the keyboard that is not too far from your reach. Avoid any loose object in the platform that might slip off and distract you from multitasking.

Important Reminders

The practice of multitasking using a treadmill desk should be done gradually. You cannot work on your computer and run right away! This would only lead you to an unsafe exercise that will not only affect your fitness machine, but your body as well.

Instead, practice little by little. Work with your computer system standing up first; then, slowly walking. Once you’re used to the placement of your workstation, try jogging. Increase speed and intensity according to your capability of maintaining your balance while working out using the treadmill table. 

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