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The Best Exercise Ball Exercises

by Michelle

I find that using an exercise ball for working out is a fun way to do some simple exercises to work the abs as well as other parts of the body. I really enjoy simple exercises such as ab crunches and a knee roll. These are basic exercises but they are very effective for the abdominal region.

I find that by having to balance on the ball, other muscles are being used as well. It is important to find the right size ball for you, not to small and not too big. During pregnancy, using the ball in a sitting position to keep balance is very good for improving posture and to help with back and hip pain.

Comments for The Best Exercise Ball Exercises

The Exercise Ball Works Arms and Shoulders Too
by: Henry J

My exercise ball has been a great addition to my workout. I used to do simple crunches on the floor, but now I find I get better results doing a variety of crunches while reclining on the exercise ball. I do not only traditional crunches, but also side crunches and hip lift crunches (tricky for balancing, but good for my abs!).

Actually, I started using my exercise ball for physical therapy when I had a shoulder problem. Kneeling in front of the ball, I would simply roll the ball toward me and away from me to increase the range of motion in my right arm and to strengthen my shoulder blade; I would also roll the ball both left and right. Although the movements are small, they are effective, especially if you have any injury or weaknesses in your arms and shoulders.

I Love My Exercise Ball
by: Karen G 

I love my exercise ball! It is so much easier on my back to do my ab crunches on the ball, rather than on the hard floor. I suffer from kidney stones, so without my ball I would not be able to do crunches at all! I do sets of 50 ab crunches, then sets of 25 leg lifts on each leg, then back to 50 more ab crunches. There really isn't enough I can say about all the wonderful benefits of using the exercise ball. I had always had a problem with poor posture- and within 2 weeks of owning one I saw a drastic difference in the was I stand and walk around. PLEASE Try one for yourself! You will be very impressed with everything it will do for you!

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