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Exercise Ball Exercises

Exercise Ball exercises are a good way to get a great ab/core workout without expensive equipment. The ball is a key piece of low cost equipment that everyone should have.

They were first used in the U.S. in the late 80's. They are also know as a Swiss ball, a Fitness Ball, a Body Ball, plus many other names. With proper instruction, anyone can use an Exercise Ball. 

Exercise Ball Exercises

Using the ball requires you to maintain your balance due to the unstable environment the ball creates.

In order to do that, the body engages many additional muscles beyond the ones you're targeting.

So one of the primary benefits of working on a ball is the additional muscle training you receive from having to balance while performing the movements.

Those are muscles that aren't engaged when performing the same exercises on the floor.

Additional benefits of using a ball include

1) Enhanced muscle strength and tone.

2) Improved balance

3) Greater control of stabilizing muscle groups.

4) Better posture. 

Before you get started you must make sure you're using the right size ball. The proper size of ball depends on your height

From 4' 11" - 5' 3", use a 55 cm. exercise ball.

From 5' 4" - 5' 10", use a 65 cm. exercise ball.

From 5' 11" and up, use a 75 cm. exercise ball. 

I've grouped my recommended exercises into two groups. One for beginners, and one for more intermediate and advanced.

Beginner Exercise Ball Workout

Advanced Exercise Ball Workout

Best Exercise Ball Exercises

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