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Comments for Sole F80

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Sep 18, 2015
F-80 Treadmill Circuit Board problems....
by: Kevin

MY Sole F-80 treadmill gave out on me a couple months ago.

I replaced the motor, speed sensor and have come to the conclusion that I need to replace the actual circuit board.

I have friends that will trouble shoot the board for me but I need to give them the board schematics.

The CS team at Sole isn't very willing to give me this as it will take away a $270 sale for them when it's likely a $1.50 part that can be replaced from Radio Shack.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I could find the schematics?

I'm glad I have my Elliptical as a back up.

Feb 27, 2014
One star at best
by: Anonymous

I am on my third Sole treadmill. First two went back to Ark. for motor problems, belt problems, circuit board problems, bearing problems, etc. My third Sole is now having low speed problems, replaced drive belt, speed sensor, circuit board and still have error. I will never own another Sole product!

Feb 28, 2010
Sole F80 2009 version
by: Anonymous

Just received my new replacement F80 2009 version. Sole sent me a replacement for my 2 year old pre 2009 version which had too many problems with it for only having run 48 hours. I must say they move slow in responding but am quite happy with the replacement. Only used it once so far but much nicer display board on the 2009 version. Would recommend the new 2009 version F80 solid heavy duty machine for the price you pay. Very happy that sole stood behind their satisfaction gurantee and sent me a new treadmill free of charge. A plus for sole. In the market for a treadmill check out the F80 you will not be disappointed.

Feb 04, 2010
Update on my F80 sole
by: Rick D

UPDATE ON MY SOLE F80 after talking with the sevice guys at sole which always sent me more parts with out hesitation he suggested I ask for a new machine from sole. I asked once and they have approved a new updated F80 and it is currently being sent to me. Although we have put up with lots of frustration and changed part after part and being more than two years old we are getting a new machine they really stand behind the 100% satisfaction gurantee and when it did work we were very pleased with the performance. I give sole an A PLUS on customer and service and providing a quality machine (when it worked) I think we got a bad one of the bunch but would recommend sole F80 to anyone.

Rick D

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