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Poor After Sales Support

by John

Purchased direct from ICON Health on Dec 14. Arrived on Dec 28. Incline didn't work after setup. 2 calls to customer service and some troubleshooting didn't seem to work.Finally on Jan 3, the Service Company called, and promised a technician to call within a day or so to set up an appointment. On Jan 7, still no call from anyone. When I called back to the customer service office, they sent another message to the service people. This time a technician made it to the house, and diagnosed the incline motor as bad, and would order another. Two days later, same tech calls back. Said he had a bad meter and wants to come back out for a recheck. This time, the motherboard is bad and he would order another. On Jan 18, I spoke to customer service again to try and reach some compromise on the delay of having a machine that isn't working. On Jan 24, after another call to customer service, no parts have been ordered, no estimated time to fix the machinie. They are picking it up next week.

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