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Not great luck - Performance 800

Just purchased a performance 800. Not having good luck with it.

Tried contacting the company but they are not responding .

It is supposed to connect to Zwift. Mine did for about a minute after many hours of trying.

Forums that i checked out all say the same thing.

Can't get the performance 800 to connect well to Zwift especially if using a PC.

Interesting. This is exact same treadmill Zwift uses on there youtube video on how easy it is to connect to Zwift with a smart treadmill.

Console is also a bit glitchy. Periodically have to stop the treadmill and let the console reset.

Not a great unit if you are trying to get a personal best time - eg a 5km distance.

Too many buttons to press to get it going.

Can't just press start and a speed and get going.

Have to cancel your weight button, press a button to get the speed pad to come up and then press another 3 buttons to enter your speed eg 9.9 and then enter.

This process takes at least 20 seconds on the clock before the belt actually gets going above .5 mph .

Then you have to wait for the belt to get up to speed.

Long comment. What i am saying is think 2X and read some reviews before you buy.

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