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HealthTrainer Treadmills Review

HealthTrainer Treadmills

HealthTrainer Treadmills are owned and produced by Keys Fitness.

Most of these treadmills come with very affordable price tags. And, like other Keys brands, they also offer the excellent 10 year motor warranty in all their machines, even the cheapest one.

Update: This brand has been discontinued

Are They For You?

This brand is perfect for those who want a decent entry level treadmill with long motor warranties. But I must warn you, if first-rate quality, specs and features are what you want, then avoid this brand. You won’t get those from any of the models below. I suggest you visit our best buy treadmills page and look there.

The Company behind the Treadmills

As I’ve mentioned above, HealthTrainer treadmills are owned by Keys Fitness, a company located in Garland, Texas. They’ve only started producing treadmills in 1997, but they have been in the fitness industry for some time now selling dumbbells and other strength training products.

All their manufacturing jobs are done in the U.S. but in order to stay competitive, they import most of their component parts overseas. As a result, some of their previous machines have had some quality issues.

At present, Keys Fitness owns at least 6 treadmill brands with each of them catering for different needs and budgets. These brands include Alliance, Encore, and Ironman just to name a few. It is also the manufacturer of Smooth treadmills (but they don’t own it), which are primarily sold over the internet.

Price Range Category

Most HealthTrainers are currently priced between $1,000 -$1,500 with only one unit having a $2,000 price tag.


Like most brands from Keys Fitness, the biggest weakness of these treadmills is their finish quality. They could also use some improvements in the design.


I don’t recommend HealthTrainer treadmills.

I believe that there are other treadmills out there that would give you more value for your money.

But If you really want a Keys brand, then I suggest buying an Alliance or Ironman unit. They are, in my opinion, Keys’ best brands as of the moment.

HealthTrainer 601 Treadmill
Cost: $1,099
Motor Size: 2.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Running Surface: 51in x 18in
Heart Rate: no
Folding: yes
Others: this is another decent entry level treadmill manufactured by Keys Fitness.

HealthTrainer 701 Treadmill
Cost: $1,199
Motor Size: 2.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Running Surface: 56in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: a much bigger and more stable version of the 601 model above.

HealthTrainer 801 Treadmill
Cost: $1,599
Motor Size: 2.5hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Running Surface: 56in x 20in
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: yes
Others: one of the best HealthTrainers in the market today.

HealthTrainer 901 Treadmill
Cost: $1,999
Motor Size: 3.0hp continuous duty
Maximum Speed: 10mph
Running Surface: 58in x 20in ortho belt
Heart Rate: yes
Folding: no
Others: the biggest and most powerful machine in the Healthtrainer series.

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