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Great Buy So Far

I have owned this treadmill for two months and love it. I relied on ratings for this treadmill and several others in the price range from Amazon and several other on-line sites, including this one, before making a decision between the F63 and another treadmill. I knew I wanted to keep the purchase to $1,000 or less.

So far, I am very happy with it! It is easy to use, quiet in comparison to treadmills at the gym, comfortable. It's a bit smaller than a treadmill you'd see at the gym, but there is plenty of room both width- and length-wise.

I ordered direct from the company and paid the extra set-up fee. I knew I couldn't lift it no matter where they set it in the room in that box to move it out of the box and set it up on my own, so it was definitely worth it for me. It took the delivery company (two people for most of the time, then later one person) about an hour and forty minutes to set it up. It was clear that he was just following the written instructions, without any experience, and both delivery people seemed a little nervous about the project. However, delivery was smooth and everything was set up fine and works well.

Others have commented in reviews about the sound system. I didn't expect anything fancy, but it works very well for what I expected and need. I plug in a portable dvd player to the sound system and it is plenty loud. Music works well, too.

The fan isn't really very strong, but it helps mildly. I find another fan is necessary to actually keep me cool if I'm doing anything but a slow walk.

I use it to walk fast on an incline, am not a runner, and I was used to holding the bars up front on the gym treadmills when I was on a higher speed setting. That's not really possible on this treadmill. The bars are too low and too close to the front. The result is one's feet hitting

the front of the machine repeatedly. However, the side bars work just fine as a replacement if you do like to hold on to something while walking. I have found, too, that most of the time not holding onto anything works just fine on this treadmill.

The inclines and the workouts are comparable to a gym, though the pre-set buttons jump from 2 to 4, to 6 and so - on. You have to use different up/down buttons to get finer differences in between. It takes a bit to get used to, but after a few workouts it is pretty comfortable.

Mine also came with a heart monitor, though I haven't used it yet. The heartrate monitor while holding the bars is pretty much useless on mine, but the separate heart monitor that is sent along with it may work well!

I also used the idea another person mentioned on one review site - to go to a Fleet Farm type of store and buy a mat used in a horse or cow stall to put under the treadmill. It was cheaper than comparable mats of the same thickness I'd seen online (about $40). It works very well.

I've noticed the beginning of a slight clunking sound as the incline is going up or down in the past week, but it doesn't appear to be affecting performance at all yet. I haven't yet looked in the manual to see whether I might be able to adjust something to remedy this.

It is easy to move around and to fold up and down.

Mine doesn't look like the picture posted on this site. The cup holders are below the console, along with a nice sized slot to put books, a dvd player, whatever else. The speakers are on the sides and toward the bottom of the panel. The front bars are in a slightly different location. Actually, mine looks better than the one shown above!

Overall, I am really happy with the treadmill. I use it every day and do not have anything but good things to say about its performance.

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