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Cheap parts won't last, can take months for parts

by Blerina
(London, Ontario, Canada)

After reading some good reviews about this treadmill I decided to get it. The warranty was the deciding factor, as it seemed this warranty is way better than some higher priced brands. I thought that if a company is so confident in it's products, that it offers lifetime warranty on the motor, then this must be a good product.

I bought this on September 6 2013, it broke March 8 2014.
Used for walking and light jogging.

Customer service is very polite, took my info down and later in the day I got am email telling me the parts were on back order till March 21st. So I waited two and a half weeks. By April 8th, I decided to call again, and see why I haven't got anything in the mail. I was told the parts were on back order again, ETA this time, April 16th. Called again April 16th, this time I was told the parts should be in, but will take a couple of days to ship. That gave me a little relief. I asked if I could get some kind of notification/email when they are shipped. I called again on the 23rd of March, since I have not heard anything yet. This time I am told the part (speed sensor) is on back order and there is no expected time of arrival! After I asked again, the girl apologized for my inconvenience and said it could be three weeks, but she could not tell for sure. At this rate, if the parts do get to them in three weeks, and they ship in a couple of days, and I get them in another seven to ten business days, I am left waiting till June!
And this is apparently the best case scenario? I want to cry.

If this treadmill did not weigh a ton, I would have dragged it back to the store it came from. Seems I am left at the mercy of the customer service and all I have got is apologies. The speed sensor used on this machine is crap, since they can't seem to keep enough of them in stock.

I really wished there had been more reviews from actual treadmill owners. I hope this helps someone else that is looking to buy a treadmill. I am so discouraged, I wish I had used this money for a gym membership (which is about $300 a year). I would have got four years worth of gym membership out of this money.

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