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Bought one, poor quality evident

Upon T202 first use the rear plastic belt/roller covers on each side scraped the belt continuously, and the rear roller was bad, making a repetitive, metallic, clanging noise. I removed and adjusted the covers to eliminate scraping. A rattling under the motor cover prompted me to remove the cover, where I found various screws and washers of no purpose just seemingly tossed in. I also found the front roller adjustment bolt was improperly installed leaving the front roller cockeyed. I corrected that. One of the console supports has a gouge in the metal. I think it came from the factory that way, as there was no damage to shipping packaging.

A call to customer service was answered promptly, and a new rear roller was supposedly shipped for delivery in 3-5 days. After six days I called back and was told the order was back ordered on the day I first requested it. It finally came after 4 more days. I installed the roller and now everything seems to be ok but I wonder how long it will last. In this regard I called customer service again, and again they answered promptly. I asked for an extension to the warranty which they gladly granted. I can't complain too much about customer service, but the quality control is abyssmal and I seriously doubt the quality of the product itself is much better.

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