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Is Biggest Loser Age-ist?

by Anne

While losing a ton, or at least a hundred pounds has obvious benefits for people in their teens, twenties and thirties, I can't remember seeing too many contestants on Biggest Loser who turned the calendar past 55. Here's the rub. People over 50 (much less 55) are at immediate and serious risk of obesity-related health crises, heart attack being just one of them. And they probably need the most help losing their weight. It's been there longer... and since they don't have those wonderful hormones surging through their systems in bulk any more, it's even harder to lose.

So, are heavy greybeards underrepresented because they're more likely to fail? Or is it all about appearance? Loosing a great deal of weight can leave you with a lot of loose skin. This can be a problem even for younger contestants. It might be downright unphotogenic on someone in later middle age.

Comments for Is Biggest Loser Age-ist?

by: Anonymous

I too agree with the previous comment, but I feel hopefully with more comments from the senior population a change may come. I would love help and am over 55 years old, past menopause (smile). I also have a limitation because of bad knees waiting for knee replacement so the odds are against me. I still feel that I am worth it to be at my best weight. I hope this will encourage many seniors to write and who knows. Good luck and God Bless everyone.

by: jeannette

this program does clearly gear toward a younger demographic. Producers are not taking into account that the older demographic is increasing. This senior group has A strong buying power which should interest advertisers. I am talking about 1 seasons show.a show of this nature would encourage seniors toward better health and lower Medicare costs.

by: Anonymous 

How about scaling exercises to the senior age group? The senior population is increasing rapidly. We can learn exercises and stretches appropiate to our demographic.

A challenge for the Biggest Loser folks 
by: Drw 

Why not think outside the box? Create a program that acknowledges and respects aging bodies. We, more than anyone else, need to find ways to improve and maintain our health. Right? 

Why Not A Biggest Loser Senior Version?
by: Anonymous

I've thought how beneficial it would be for seniors to have the opportunity to slim down, while supervised, on the Biggest Loser.

I'm sorry to tell you that I'm certain there will never be a Biggest Loser Seniors show because it's all about ratings, and NOBODY cares about older people. They just wish we would disappear.

Too Risky for Seniors
by: Rick

The primary reason they don't use the 50+ crowd is that 99% of people that age can't tolerate the intensity of the workouts. There are a lot of injuries among the 20 and 30 somethings they have on the show now. The seniors would be out of commission rapidly.

Last season, Jerry and Estella (both 63) were the first two contestants voted out. Jerry did very well at home, however, winning the $100k home winner prize. Very impressive.

So for most Seniors, the risk is too high, they would have trouble completing many of the challenges they do, and they are an easy target for the other contestants to vote out.

Changing the Way People are Voted Off

by Kelli
(dm, ia)

I love the show. after the final weigh in on each episode I don't think the losing team should vote someone off. everything is about the percent you lose so the person who has the lowest percent should be the one who has to go. it seams more fair and the rest of the team then doesn't have to be put in the situation to vote someone off.

Would Like to See More of the Workouts on Biggest Loser

by Angela
(Walla Walla Wa, USA)

Big fan of the Biggest Loser on NBC. I love watching in part just to hear some of the things Jillian says. My favorite so far is something to the effect of "Keep that leg up or I swear I'll break it!" She definitely is more intimidating than Bob.

It's a fun show to watch but I would like to see more of the contestants actual workouts, and what they do when they don't work out. It seems like half the show is taken up with the weigh in. I'd like to see that less dramatized so there is more time to see what the contestants actually do rather than their results.

Comments for Would Like to See More of the Workouts on Biggest Loser

I Agree! I Want To See More Exercises!
by: Julie 

I've always loved the Biggest Loser and I really admire them for working constantly as hard as they can. I just wish we could see more of the actual workout exercises so we can learn too!

Problems With Biggest Loser
by: Tony

I loved the Biggest Loser for years but now the 2 hours shows are getting sooo boring. I am tired of the sob stories. Jillian makes it seem like "something" is "always" causing you to be fat. Yes, everyone has had something bad happen in their life but that doesn't mean they eat because of it. 

I am fat, why? Because I am lazy, work at a computer, watch tv too much, and LOVE food! That's it! My family member dying did not make me love pizza, it was the smell and sight of all that hot melted cheese covering all that pepperoni that did it, yummy *drooling*...I think that was it...nah it must be the death of the family member. If it is a bad experience why don't people irrationally eat a bunch of carrots to mourn?

I also read a interview where the contestant said the weeks are not 7 days and it varies week to week... usually around 10 days each week and changed from season to season. Maybe they should let us know it isn't "real" weeks and that these people sometimes workout 6+ hours a day for those results. Just my opinion.

More Workout Scenes!
by: Tia

I agree about seeing more workouts. They don't show enough of them. They also talk very little about the actual details of their diets. I think I read that they are going to go into more detail on that in the new season. Showing more workouts and diet details would help more people and be more interesting.

Show us, Biggest Loser!!

Biggest Loser Season 5 Dan & Jackie Evans at Nashville marathon!

by Dan Evans

Hey, everyone! Dan Evans from season 5 here! Wanted to let everyone know about my fan page on Facebook with my mom, Jackie. Go to my face book page: Dan-Jackie-Biggest-Loser-Fan-Page to check it out.

Also, we're participating in the Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon in Nashville on Saturday, April 24th! I'm playing a concert after each race! You can register at Check it out. Plus we're throwing an after-party for Biggest Loser fans! Details will follow on our Facebook page. Hope to see you all there! - Dan

Comments for Biggest Loser Season 5 Dan & Jackie Evans at Nashville marathon!

I Would Like to Talk With You Both
by: Anonymous 

I have tried to reach you every way I can.Please contact me,at I really need to speak to you. I have a weight problem,I am 59 years old,and have some Health Issues. I love your song Dan,Letter to my Addiction. You are a true inspiration to the youth of today,and your mom is wow!,what a lady,,so when you have a minute I could really use your Help.PLEASE,

Thank You,J.F.

Great to see you!
by: Anonymous

Dan, I really enjoyed seeing you and Jackie at the Dallas expo on Saturday, and on the course on Sunday. I met my goal of finishing in under 3 hours by 30 seconds and finished 3rd in the 70-74 female group. My goal now is 2 and 1/2 hours! 
You and Jackie both look great!

Port Aransas, TX

Biggest Loser Rocks!!

by Kelly

I think that the Biggest Loser is a great show. I first was unsure about it, but I feel that it has inspired me to get up and start doing something. I am not overweight in any way, but I am also not in my best physical condition. It helps to show me that anyone can reach their goals if they really want something.

I think that the trainers are awesome. They push their contestants to the limits and help them to achieve their goals. The contestants were the ones who signed up for the show, which means they want to help themselves in a good way. My favorite contestants are the father/son team. I think that having this type of team offers amazing support. Granted you have support no matter what the set up of the team is, this is just an amazing family bond.

I think this show has helped to show me that you can do anything you want. When I watch this show I feel the need to do crunches, or lift weights. It helps to get me off the couch and start doing something.

Seniors need help too

by connie thomas
(Maricopa az)

I have enjoyed the biggest loser program for years now. My only complaint is that we ad baby boomers seem to not have a chance on this show. I am over 55' with limitations on my working out due to knee problems,.is there anyone that can help me with this predicament. I love ,Jillian and was her biggest fan.

The Biggest Loser Red Team

by Stephanie Epstein
(Oakland, CA)

The members of the red team need to stop belly aching and just keep their energy towards losing all of the weight they are on the show to lose. All of the bickering they are doing isn't getting them anywhere.

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