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Yowza Smyrna Treadmill

Yowza Smyrna Treadmill

Yowza Smyrna Treadmill Review

Perfect for any member of the family, the Yowza Smyrna Treadmill is packed with features that will provide you with both fitness and entertainment.

Featuring a patented transformer frame, the treadmill showcases an excellent layout design. Other good features include heart-rate control, iPod dock and speakers, and a 3-speed fan that will make your workout really motivating.

Is It for You?

Whether you are a beginner who requires slow speed and wide running area or a regular runner who desires for a more complex routine, the Smyrna treadmill is designed to offer good quality workouts at home.

What You’ll Get:

The Yowza Smyrna treadmill allows a maximum speed of 11mph and an incline of up to 15%, making it suitable for both beginners and skilled runners. A powerful motor drives the machine, while the deck is mounted independently from the frame to provide better shock absorption.

Moreover, it allows you to create your own routine or simply choose a preset workout program, depending on your goal such as cardio or weight loss. There are 13 programs that you can choose from for both beginners and experts alike.

The Large LED display on the machine shall help you get detailed information about your workout program. It displays data including your heart rate reading, speed, incline, time, distance, and calories burned. Your heart rate is measured by a program that makes use of heart rate sensors built on the handle grips of the treadmill.

What makes the Yowza Smyrna treadmill interesting, especially to the newbie, is its sound system that comes with an iPod docking station and hi-fi speakers. Work out with fun and confidence while listening to engaging music in your background.

Reduce the heat and the sweat with the 3-speed fan built in the treadmill, keeping your body cool even if you are running miles.

All these features, combined with a heavy-duty frame and design, make the Yowza Smyrna treadmill perfect for long-lasting workout programs and cardio exercise regimens for you or anyone in the family.


The warranty of the Yowza Smyrna treadmill is not absolute. You would have to pay extra (which is quite expensive) if you want a longer labor warranty.


I do believe that the Yowza Smyrna is a decent treadmill but I also believe that the Yowza Keewadin treadmill is a better option if you really want a Yowza. It is $100 more expensive but it provides way better value than the Smyrna. (Also, you might want to first visit our best buy treadmills page before making any buying decisions)


Cost: $1399

Motor: 3.0 HP Quiet Continuous Duty

Incline Control: 0 to 15% grade incline

Speed Control: 0.5-11 MPH

Deck: 1" Triple - laminated phenolic wax-impregnated

Deck Shock Absorption: Floating deck with multi-durometer elastomer rings

Handrails: Stable ergonomic handrails with rubber grips

Running Belt: 20" x 60", Multi-layer PVC with Nylon-Polyester Whisper Weave bottom

Frame: Scratch-resistant powder-coated Unibody Steel Frame

Weight Capacity: 350 lb. Weight Capacity

Warranty: Lifetime on frame and motor, 5 years on parts and electronics, 2 years in home labor

Heart Rate: Yes, pulse grip

Foldable: No

Dimensions: L 83" x W 35" x H 59"

Treadmill Weight: 270 lbs


• Commercial Grade 3.0 HP Continuous Duty motor with heavy precision balanced flywheel

• Floating Deck rests on multi-durometer elastomer rings 

• Ergonomically designed console featuring quick start, single touch resistance, speed and incline control; cup holders

• Hi-fidelity speakers and iPod dock

• 3-speed fan

• Grip pulse and wireless heart rate receiver

• Full 20"X 60" multi-ply Running Belt

• Triple phenolic laminated deck is reversible and requires no regular maintenance

• Crowned rollers with sealed bearings provide superior belt tracking

Where to Buy?

If you plan on buying a Yowza Smyrna Treadmill, I suggest you buy from Yowzafitness. They usually have this on sale for just $1,399.

Click here to visit Yowza Fitness and learn more
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(Once again, if you plan on buying this machine I suggest you buy from Yowzafitness.)

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