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Yowza Customer Service

by DIM
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Their machines might be good quality but you have to be lucky enough to actually receive it. I placed my order first thing on a Monday morning before the start of business. Their website says they will send you a tracking number once your order has been shipped. The Friday of the same week I contacted them about getting my tracking info. I was told that the order "probably" shipped the day before but they are still waiting for the tracking #. The next Tuesday I called again since I still hadn't received any communication from Yowza. That's when I was told that somehow my order had been missed, that the trucking company forgot to pick it up, but that it would be shipped that very day and would be sent expedited. I had to call again on the Thursday to get my tracking info. That's when I was told that my order had been lost at the warehouse and resubmitted to them by the sales office two days earlier. I insisted on getting a tracking number which I finally did get. However they couldn't actually tell me when it was shipped. The next morning when I tried to track my shipment online I received an error message. When I called the trucking company they advised me that it actually hadn't been picked up which is why the tracking number was not in their system and it wasn't expedited. I emailed the company and the response I received back was nothing but blatant lies about what a great job they had done for me. The director of operations also stated that because the warehouse and shipping partners were not actually owned by Yowza, it wasn't their fault. Last time I checked if you decide to sub out parts of your company, they represent you, and YOU are ultimately responsible for all services. I canceled my order and will never again consider buying from Yowza, I don't care how good the product is if the service sucks.

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May 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

I agree, sevice from Yowza Fitness sucks.
Do not waste your money on promises they do not keep.
We received our Yowza Treadmill August 2012 and have spent more time lubricating, tightening/adjusting than actually working out on in.
Have been in contact with their service department numerous times and they keep telling us to be patient while they figure out solutions. We waited months for a solution and finally received an email with an attachment filled with instructions of where/how to lubricate motor.
My husband followed the instructions to the tee and this morning while my daughter was on the treadmill the belt jerked and stopped turning causing her to lose her balance.
We have continuously asked for a service tech to be sent to our home to look at the machine but they are not doing that rather just reassuring us this is normal.
Had the treadmill 9 months, have not had one smooth or quiet workout on it and they tell me its normal. What a joke and waste of $2000.
Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY YOWZA PRODUCTS!!!!!

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