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Smooth 9.45

by David
(Arlington, Texas, USA)

After many months of searching and reading web sites like this one, I ordered a Smooth treadmill online.

1) I order it with a promise delivery date in 5 to 10 business days. It took over a month!
2) I paid extra for the white glove delivery. The 2 deliever guys (didn't speak or read English) tried to put it together. They took the box.
3) The timer and the distance ubdicator share the same readout and do not switch back and forth at any regular interval. So doing interval training is not possible.
4) The instrcution manual is almost not existent. The people at the support number know nothing.
5) the ultimate shock system was worthless. I tried every setting and could not tell any difference.
6) I called for tech support on several issues. After they did not return any calls, I called back to complain again. I was told I was being moved to the top of the line. Another week went by and still no call from tech support.
7) Fearing bigger problems down the road, I asked to be sent information. It took over a month!
8) It took me 3 months to get through all of the steps to return the machine.
9) When taking it a part, I found the drivers did a horrible job of putting it together.

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Smooth Fitness

Smooth fitness has provided the WORST customer service that I have ever received. It took more than a month for my treadmill to actually arrive and only arrived after I had emailed and called smooth fitness repeatedly. When I got a hold of someone, their response left me to chase the delivery service around myself to get my treadmill to my house.

As a "token" for the inconvenience, I was supposed to receive an "upgrade" in delivery service, which didn't happen. When I finally was able to set the treadmill up, it made a horrible thumbing and then squeaking noise. I attempted to email and call the company repeatedly and received one call back from the customer service line, which was during working hours and I could not answer. I also attempted to contact the customer service manager directly and she ignored all calls and emails.

Unless you have absolutely nothing to do but chase this company around to get a mediocre (at best) treadmill, I would NOT recommend buying a Smooth Fitness treadmill.

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Oct 22, 2014
Their service is a scam. They take your money and run!
by: Annonymous

I bought a Evo-FX30 treadmill in January 2007.

It has worked great until this September, when it started to make noise.

I went on Youtube, watched a trouble shooting video, and concluded that the problem was bad bearings.

I contacted Smooth Repair, their service division, to have a service tech come out and fix the bearing problem.

I was told that a service call would cost $175 and that any return visit would cost $105.

I agreed to that.

Smooth Repair contracts out the service to Optimus, which has a network of service technicians.

After two weeks, no contact from the local Optimus service tech.

I contacted Smooth Repair, and was told that the service tech called twice, left messages, but that I never called back.

I produced my phone records proving that no calls were ever received.

Optimus got involved and sent a service tech out to my house.

Service tech confirmed that the bearings were shot and said that he would follow up.

After a couple of weeks, no follow up from the Optimus service tech, so I sent email to Optimus and Smooth Repair.

No response.

They just took my money and ran.

I went back on Youtube, watched how to replace the bearings, and will fix the problem myself for the mere price of 4 bearings and a bearing removal tool.

Bottom line: I was really dumb not checking on the complaints about Smooth Fitness before spending my money.

So if you need repair, you are on your own. You can't do worse on your own than you will do with Smooth Repair and Optimus.

Oct 01, 2013
RE: Smooth Fitness Customer Service
by: Anonymous

Great product BUT absolute WORST customer service department I have ever been forced to deal with.

Feb 08, 2013
Crazy mad
by: Anonymous

Absolutely agree with the other reviews.

I purchased an DMT elliptical for $2900 and have been sorry every since.

Now, in the middle of trying yet again to get the thing fixed, I'm told that the company has been bought out, and gee, aren't they nice for honoring my warranty because they don't HAVE TO!

I couldn't believe, I actually just got YELLED AT by a Customer Service Manager, as she told me just how LUCKY and BLESSED I should feel that she is HONORING the Smooth Fitness warranty on MY BRAND NEW MACHINE.

She explained that really the company has no real need to cover the warranty of my Agile Elliptical since the new company has only purchased the Smooth Fitness Brand and manufacturing option, or whatever.

My machine does not have 100 miles on it, and it has been nothing but trouble for us, and now another tech is supposed to come out and look at the problems... but it has taken me over a MONTH in order to get someone at Smooth Fitness to actually call and put in an order for a technician to visit.

I make several phone calls, each time being assured that an order has been placed, but then the next customer service rep "can't find anything like that noted in your account..."... yep, you just keep assuring us that you're dedicated to great customer service, and in the meantime, I'll try and get my money back.

Dec 28, 2012
Horrible experience
by: Anonymous from Canada

Our treadmill arrived two months after we ordered and it never worked.

It was impossible to get a hold of anyone by telephone and it took us over a month for them to tell us that they could not service the product at our location.

We live in a city 3 hours east of Vancouver.

So we had to ups them a part back so they could refund us our money but the ups people were unable to deliver to the address they have us as they were no longer in business.

Ups tried over 8 times and we could not reach anyone by phone or email.

It was like they had vanished.

Three weeks later we received a response by email saying the company was now trading under a different name and would not be able to refund our $2400.

They advised us to get a chargeback from our credit card company.

We initiated a dispute with visa and after sending them much paperwork they refunded us the money.

This was the worst customer service I have ever received.

Buy a treadmill locally.

That is my advice.

Dec 01, 2012
Smooth Fitness is a sham
by: Anonymous

I agree with the previous comments regarding smooth fitness and their false advertising.

They process your payment immediately and leave with you waiting for a product that never arrives.

I did quite a bit of research prior to buying a treadmill and most of what I found were positive comments about the company and product and the satisfaction of individuals dedicated to running.

I have waited over 35 days and have not received the product.

I started researching complaints and was surprised to find very negative reviews.

The company is also not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

They have had over 90 complaints with a C- rating.

I am in the process of waiting for a refund never having received the product.

Do not buy from this company.

Walk into a store, try out a product and bring it home with you.

That is what I will do when I receive my refund (hopefully)!!!

Oct 30, 2012
Smooth Fitness is the worst!!
by: Anonymous

I ordered a treadmill and Smooth charges me the full $1800 that day yet I never received a treadmill..

After 5 phone calls and 76 days later I demanded a refund which took another 17 days!!

OMG worst ever - they had my money for 3 months.

Never buy from SMOOTH COM scam.

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Smooth fitness 965LC

by Victoria

I am a female; 50 years old, I mainly use the treadmill in the winter.

I am a marathon runner; bought in 2011, I felt it was overpriced but the warranty was the best.

my treadmill stopped working a week ago, I called customer service and was told the smooth fitness went out of business, but they could get the part for me for $300.

I don't know who this guy is, he could be taking my money and running.

Really disappointed in this product.

Spend a little bit more and buy a product that is well known like nordicktrack

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