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Ironman 150t (Keys Fitness)

by John

I bought this treadmill about a year and a half ago. From the reviews I read, it was built solid and had a decent (not great) reputation for being a well built treadmill. I have used it on and off for about a total of six months since I purchased it. It had one of the best warranties in the industry. 10 years on the motor, 1 year on all other parts, lifetime on frame.

After a few months, I realized it was time to get back into my workout routine. One morning while cruising along at about 4.2 mph, it just stopped. I almost fell off.

After trying to contact the manufacturer(Keys Fitness), I found out they went bankrupt. So, to further troubleshoot the thing, I pulled the cover off to look at the motor. I found out that the motor was shot and was sparking inside.

I found the manufacturer of the motor, contacted them, they say they no longer make this motor, no longer stock this motor and do not sell to the public. Hmm, so much for the ten year warranty?!

Very upset customer!

John K -TX

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Mar 08, 2009
Ironman Legacy
by: Anonymous

Seemed like a heavy duty, well built machine. Very heavy. Numerous problems, #1 noisy, squeeky deck. Key's fitness (before bankruptcy) suggested spraying silicone spray around all 8 rubber deck bumpers. At approx. 1,000 miles, rubber bumpers disintegrated. #2 motor would stop abruptly, Key's fitness had me dismantle lower control unit. When elevated to 10 degrees, negative wire for the motor became tight and eventually became loose. #3 motor began slowing and speeding up. Motor eventually stopped with a burning smell. Called Key's Fitness, message said bankrupt. They would order me a new motor for $299.00 + shipping and handling and it was on back order for over a month. No guarantee. So much for the lifetime motor warranty. I can't believe Keys is still listed on various treadmill websites.

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ironman 220T

by John Talbot
(San Antonio Texas 78233)

Had this machine for 3 years. I did not use it much, maybe 1/2 hour per day, 4 days per week. But the motor burned out, ironman said it is still under warranty and they'd ship me a new one. The circut board was also getting hot so I decided to get a new one. Keys company didn't have one and suggested I order from Fitness repair parts, so I did for $270.00. Then a week later I tried following up on keys fitness because I did not get the motor. The new rep told me that they are sorry, these motors are out of stock and I won't get it until September 17, maybe. So I asked who was the manufacturer (Mcllelen), and called them in Wisconson. They told me they no longer make that model anymore, so I couldn't order it from them and neither could Keys fitness the manufacturer. I called Keys back and the tech rep thought that the motor were coming in from China, but he's not sure. So I called Fitness Repair parts again and ordered one for another $270.00. But when I got it I noticed that they sent the wrong motor. I called them again today, they said sorry and asked me to send it back because it was mislabled on the outside of the box. (I am very mechanically inclined, although the motor would fit, it was 145 volts DC, and the original was 100 volts DC. The one I got was 4000 RPM while the original was 5750 RPM. So I know it would not work. Also, the part numbers were also different.)Its really a hassle. Usually ironman has pretty good rep but this model and customer service is just horrible. I will shop for a new one but I will still keep the old one so I can hound them for a new motor.

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