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Horizon 805T Treadmill

by Mary Jones
(Clarksville, TN 37040)

I just purchased this used treadmill. I have 30 days to keep or return it. What can you tell me about it. Right off, I can not find an off switch. I was shown all features but this, do I have to unplug it? Mary

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Horizon GS1035T

by Kenneth Boss
(San diego Calif.)

Since buying this machine it has been a constant struggle to keep it working. I've replaced the main circuit board($200+),the speed control three times, the running board, and the running belt. The original price was an affordable $899 but the machine sucks you dry to keep it in working condition. Beware and keep away unless you have loads of $ to put into a very bad treadmill!!!

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Jan 15, 2015
GS2035T Treadmill
by: Tony

I have had this treadmill for 4 or 5 years.

Bought it new.

Never a problem or issue with it.

I keep the band oiled and it still runs almost like new.

Of course

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Horizon T101

I just recieved this directly from Horizon. The Console was cracked, the motor 'clangs' loudly, and the belt is impossible to center. I called Horizon for service- THEY DO NOT ANSWER PHONES- you must leave a message and they will call you back a few days later. This is standard operating procedure- you must leave a message to be called back. It can take weeks to repair something with them.

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Mar 10, 2021
Please update
by: Anonymous

I would love to hear an update. I too am having issues getting Horizon to repair my treadmill and have just filed a complaint with the BBB as well.

Mar 05, 2021
Comedy of Errors
by: M -

Wish I could give MINUS stars for Horizon AND their parent company, Johnson Health Tech.

Non-delivery, refusing to honor our Cancellation Request (i.e., complete refund), stalling, non-communication, ad nauseum.

A complaint with the Better Business Bureau has been filed and we are ready to file a one with the Federal Trade Commission this weekend.

With all the recent complaints against Horizon/JHT perhaps the company is preparing to file for Bankruptcy?

In any event, I am documenting this "comedy of errors" online - and will continue to update as things progress.

If anyone is interested here's the URL:

Note: Site does not allow links in reviews so you will have to decipher the URL accordingly.

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Horizon 3.0

by Rhonda Harms
(Steinbach, Manitoba)

Worst treadmill on the market./ Had it for 6 years, Used only 4-5 months per year & broke down every single winter. Company was great for sending parts but the problem was never resolved. We asked for a credit towards another treadmill but they would not go for that. Finally hauled the piece of junk to the dump $1600 1 big headache. Will never own a Horizon again

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Bought this treadmill in 2004. After 6 months, the upper console digital readout stopped functioning properly. Retailer did replace this upper console. This new console operated for a few hours of use, then started having same problems as before. This treadmill was hardly used (only six months out of the year as we travel for the other half) and even then only once or twice a week. Treadmill still worked so we just left it. In October, 2007, I started to use the machine again for a slow walk when it suddenly went to full speed for a moment then quit. Fortunately, I was not hurt. But it could have been quite disastrous!!! I phoned Horizon and spoke to a tech rep and ended up having to buy a new circuit board which cost me $190. So far it is working but for the price paid which was approx. $2,000., I don't feel I should have had these problems or have gone thru something like this. I would strongly recommend against buying anything from Horizon.

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Horizon Fitness T50

by C Schweizer
(Fort Wayne, IN)

We bought this treadmill 2 years ago and the motor has gone out twice. Luckily we had purchased a three year warranty. Fortunatley, the repair company has given us our money back since it will cost too much to repair. I will never buy another piece of equipment from this brand because its junk!

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Mar 05, 2011
No problem at all
by: Anonymous

I have read quite a few different reviews about Horizon, and noticed many have had problems. I purchased a Horizon Quantum II 6 or 7 years ago, and that machine has ran like a top. It only has a 1.75 continous horsepower, which isn't enough for what I use it for now. I just ordered a Sole F80, but was able to sell my Horizon with no problem at all. Maybe I just got lucky, but I have no complaints about my Quantum II from Horizon.

Jan 31, 2009
Horizon customer service
by: Anonymous

I also have a Horizon t50 treadmill. after 2 years the control console buttons stopped functioning. Contacted Horizon's customer service, what a joke!!! They have absolutely the WORST customer service, bar none!!!

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Horizon Fitness T51

by Ryan

Just don't buy it. You'll thank me. And after much research, don't buy ANY treadmill from Horizon. They care more about quantity than quality.

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Horizon Fitness T-62

by Derrick
(Cedar Spring, MI)

This is the worst company. Yes, their models are lower priced than some other manufacturers, but they are JUNK! The first one I had, the deck broke (twice) which was rated for 320 lbs...I weigh 205 lbs. The frame broke, which had a lifetime warranty, so the company had no choice but to replace it. They sent me the T-62 (a newer model) as a replacement. Just another piece of junk. The deck broke on it after 13 months of use. Which was beyond the 1 year warranty. They would not replace it even though it's rated for over 300 lbs. The unit heats up in less than an hour and SHUTS DOWN while running. That's not fun, believe me. When I call for help, they ask about what kind of surface it's on (concrete floor) my weight (well under the limits of the machine) and if it's plugged in right (it has it's own outlet). I will never buy any product from this company. If you plan on buying a treadmill and actually using it for exercise and not for hanging your clean laundry then stay away from this company.


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Jun 24, 2014
T62 still going after 8 years
by: J Smith

I've had the T62 for nearly 8 years, and it still runs perfectly.

My wife and I both run regularly on the machine, and the only problem we've had (the reason I'm on the boards) is that the original walking belt has rippled in the center.

(In the T62's defense, my wife and I did not apply the silicone to maintain the's really our own fault that the belt has rippled.)

I'd be looking for another Horizon Fitness machine if this one ever died, but I'm confident that replacing the walking belt will give us another 5+ years of use with the current T62.

Aug 09, 2013
T62 is great
by: Kurt Joseph

I have had my T62 for 7 years.

I have run hundreds of miles on it and walked hundreds more.

Used daily for 7 years and the tread belt finally failed. The belts aren't cheap and don't look easy to replace but I'm going to try anyway.

Best machine I've ever had.

No shit.

Jan 04, 2012
Horizon is not durable
by: hogenmogen

I've owned two Horizon treadmills in 4 years.

I'm scouting these pages now because the warrantees have expired and they keep breaking.

Belts and boards especially.

Customer service was a bit hard to get in touch with, but when you made contact, they were nice and didn't hassle you about replacement parts.

But post-warrantee, you have to pay for those constantly breaking parts on your own.

Apr 28, 2008
Horizon Update
by: Derrick Carroll

The motor caught fire during use and the company sent me a new motor. (10 year warranty on the motor).

The new motor was installed and within 3 minutes it too started smoking.

Went out and bought a Precor.

The Horizon is now by the side of the road waiting for trash day.

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(Arlington, Texas, USA)

I purchased a horizon treadmill and had problems with it overheating. It would run fine for about 30 minutes but then it would overheat. After numerous complaints, I finally got someone to come and look at it. They looked at it for about 5 minute with no one on it and said it was fine. After about 10 months it quit. I called the company many times and got no response until a week or so after it was out of warranty. I received a letter saying that Horizon would do nothing because it was out of warranty.

After going back to Busy Body, they finally got Horizon to do something. They replaced the motor and the machine worked for about a week before we had the same problem. After nearly a year, Busy Body finally got Horizon to get me a new treadmill. This one worked for about a month before it started going really fast. The CPA calls this "run away treadmill." It would just start runnig at top speed without any warning. After many months working with Horizon and the Consumer Protection Agency, Horizon finally agreed to rebuild this treadmill. They eventually replaced every component on it and finally corrected the problem. The new problem was that it would quit all of a sudden with no warning.

The rebuilt treadmill actually blew up one day with flames and everything! Horizon would not return calls and all of my complaints to Busy Body and the CPA did no good.

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Horizon CT 7.1

Stay away from Horizon at all costs or it will end up costing you.

I bought a Horizon CT 7.1 treadmill. In the first year I had 5 service calls. Till this day the treadmill will randomly stop mid run. This is frustrating.

Customer service must know about this because on my 6th service call they stopped sending the repair guy likely cause it was costing them too much money. Instead of getting a repair guy they gave me half assed telephone advice and told me to check the internet. Then my warranty ran out and they told me they would not help anymore.

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Horizon Adventure 3 from Amazon Japan

by Alexander

Honestly, I'm in a total state of shock, & i'm about to vent my irritation.

I'm in Japan, I'm here a lot. I need to train regularly and walking is a pain in the...well everywhere during the summer, heat and mosquitos, not to mention dripping with sweat.

I ordered a Horizon Adventure 3 from Amazon Japan, it arrived in good time, as do most things with amazon.

On first opening the box the main platform looked pretty good and solid, I had only to attach the two upright, side rails that hold the control unit, and then attach two handles to the control panel, then attach the whole control panel to the two upright rails, that should have been the end of it.

The two large, uptight rails that hold the control panel went on like a dream, I felt positive this was going to be good. But then I tried to place the first handle in to the control panel....We've all ordered relatively cheap items on which screw holes don't quite like up, and we manage to get it done somehow, but the screw holes on the underside of the control panel and the handles on the Horizon 3 looked like they'd been made by a blind monkey.

The screwholes were unbelievably out of alignment to the extent that not one of them was even close. It was clear that not one screw was going to be even slightly inserted no matter what I did.

At that point I knew I was sending it back, but just for the hell of it I picked up the whole control panel, with the handles unfixed, to see how the next step would have gone, and that was even worse. You could not have fixed that control panel to the upright rails if there had a been a million pound prize for doing so.

So Horizon, or Johnson, the parent company, clearly has no self respect, I don't know how they are still in business with this sort of quality, or rather lack of it.

And it appears that Amazon is not concerned about its reputation in Japan, as this was shipped and sold by amazon, which usually means you can trust that a product meets a certain standard.

The worst part is that I had to pay almost double what I'd have had to pay for this piece of junk in England, Europe or the US.

I'm trying Life Fitness next. I noticed a distinct lack of bad reviews about their products. They're extortionately priced, especially when buying that brand in Japan, almost a thousand pounds more than I'd have to pay in England, but I need a treadmill, so I'm left with no choice.

Avoid Horizon, and all Johnson products at all costs. They're a disgrace to themselves.

In 2017 there's no excuse for not lining up screw holes properly, and selling shoddily built products. Any company doing so should be starved out by consumers.

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May 01, 2017
Tired of treadmillls
by: Anonymous

Thanks, I appreciate your input. I've actually changed my mind about Life Fitness, I won't be buying one. If I were in England or the US, I'd have a lot more choice of treadmill, but in Japan there's very little choice with all the popular brands. There is a life fitness distributor here, but they want ridiculous prices for even the lowest models of their equipment. The cheapest model Life Fitness treadmill from them is about 460,000 yen, which currently converts to about £3200, the same model is £1500 at John Lewis in the UK, so I just can't bring myself to be ripped off like that. Their better models are verging on the price I paid for a Mercedes Benz, & the engineering that goes into a Mercedes is on a whole different level than a simple treadmill. The whole treadmill thing is really quite annnoying. So anyway, I've decided that Life Fitness are far too greedy and I don't want to give them my money.
Amazon Japan did take back the Adventure 3 treadmill without fuss, and I did talk with them on the phone to express my disappointment in the treadmill, and with them for their lack of care in choosing products to sell under the Amazon name, which I have always trusted when buying things in the UK.

Incidentally, there are no Life fitness treadmills at all on Amazon Japan, there are some, very few, Precor, ProForm and other known brand names, but mostly from third party sellers and they're all grossly overpriced. When I buy from Amazon here in Japan, I don't buy things sold by third parties, I want to be sure I can send it back without fuss if necessary. Amazon themselves are selling mostly Taiwanese brands that I know nothing about. I was considering a Reebok Jet 300 which is sold by Amazon here, but again, it was double the price I'd pay for it outside of Japan, and I didn't really feel convinced by it, although it does look good.

So anyway, I've just ordered a relatively cheaper treadmill from a brand that, in all my internet searching, I've heard nothing about outside of Japan, the brand is Alinco, they're known for radio equipment but within Japan they make fitness equipment and construction equipment. I've tried one of their cheaper treadmills in a shop and it wasn't great but it was good enough to walk on for ten minutes, so I thought I'd take a risk with one of their newer models, which is half he price of the Adventure 3. Some of Alinco,s older treadmills have received decent reviews on Amazon Japan, but there are also some bad ones, as is the case with pretty much all brands. Of course if it's rubbish I'll send it back to Amazon. I've pretty much given up on getting a more known brand here, maybe Amazon will up their game in fitness equipment and start providing more options in future.

May 01, 2017
So sorry to hear, normal mode of operation for them
by: IamJatinah

Hi There,

Before jumping to Life Fitness, do a bit of research to avoid a similar issue. Life Fitness just canned a CEO and is going thru changes, which usually results in manufacturing hiccups.

Johnson, alas, I spent many days trying to get them to understand the need for company ethics and manufacturing controls, both severely lacking.

I was ushered out so the status quo could continue without my thoughts. Yes, holes not lining up, jigs and forms not used correctly, no deviation process, ECO/ECR updates lost or forgotten, huge up-front warranty purses for large buyers who know 20% of incoming new products will have issues....all kinds of crazy things that most companies would not even find funny.

All this leads to poor products, quality, profits, turnarounds, unhappy customers, loss of repeat buyers, deals to simply keep running.

Shameful as it sounds, the entire industry has a problem with integrity and ethics, do some research, it's cut-throat good ol boy games in that arena, leaving the customer to simply buy another, or that's their thoughts.

With few major players in that market, lawsuits flying at and within each other daily, infringement issues and design oddities.

There is usually a return period allowed even with Amazon, and in fact, Amazon can pressure Johnson to fix this in a single email.

You see, if a retailer, seller or outlet gets burned by Johnson, they stop selling their brands and open mouths to the conduct that caused such.

I might call Amazon directly for starters.

Good Luck.

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Horizon Fitness Elite 5.1T - Worst Treadmill Experience

by Silviu Ceparu
(Montreal, Canada)

I had more than ten (10) failures of the Motor Control Board (MCB) and 3 failures of the rear roller;

an MCB cost about 200 USD;

I had technicians to figure out what the issue result;

the idea was that the friction between the running belt and deck may cause occasional overcurrent drawn by the MCB which in turn, having a poor overcurrent protection design, gives away.

I made every effort in the book to reduce belt, deck result..

In the end I figured after research what were the specific components failing on the, instead of replacing the MCB, I would only replace the MOSFET and the kickback diode which fails...but even though,

I have to pay a technician to do the replacement which is about 75buck plus the cost associated with the components and shipping...another 15-20bucks...and all this to only last several traning sessions after which it will give away again...

the machine has a user weight limit advertised to 350lb, I am 240lb, so it should not this be the issue...

I do not have the electrical schematic of the MCB hence I cannot think or ask a technician to design a protection circuitry...

if anyone could help I would much appreciate...

I paid 2000buck on this machnine and then I probably couched up more than 800 bucks to repair it...

and this is because I got 5 or 6 MCB free of charge from Horizon while it was under warranty and I have to say well after that...

from this standpoint Horizon Fitness acted very satisfactory but they were rather reluctant to point to a more systematic problem I am quite sure they were aware of...

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Apr 14, 2015
Reply to Greg of Jatinah Electronics on the Horizon Treadmil Elite 5.1T MCB failures
by: Silviu Ceparu

Thank you for your comment Greg;

if Jatinah Electronics can help me with making my treadmill MCB more robust, I would much appreciate it...

please, let me know your coordinates and I will get in touch with you...

Feb 28, 2015
elite mcb issues
by: greg at Jatinah Electronics

Hi there,

first off I must assume this is the lowest horizon made, elite series, called OPP for Open Price Point.

If so, this mcb suffers from a couple of issues, but I haven't heard of this much trouble.

Motor current kills controllers over time, I am wondering if the motor spins nicely, or could there be bearing issues?

Jatinah Electronics can beef up the HexFet, Kickback, and add storage capacity in the form of larger electrolytics to provide more drive current than expected,

and also, there might be a small blue potentiometer on that board, you can adjust carefully all the way clockwise to Max the torque setting which calms a current limit issue onboard.

Then there are a few possible wrong value resistors built into thousands of theses mcb boards due to a factory error in the SOP for many many months.

Get a hold of me and we will try to help you out :-)


Hi Greg:

Thanks for offering to look into this issue for visitors.


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Horizon T1

Actual email from Horizon Support.

There was no parts shipped to the technician, looking at the record it appears they did not approve the order to go through when we told them it would be charged. We stopped the order and it was never submitted or charged to anyone. At the time of the tech call you were a month out of warranty, so I would think the tech was going to call you to get approval on the charge. We have no way of knowing if that is the case though. The company you dealt with was Fitness showcase and there # is 816-942-9300. If you want to order the motor control board you can call us and we can place the order for you over the phone, are number is 1-800-244-4192. Again the cost of the board would be 160$ + 10$ to ship it.

Best regards,
Horizon Fitness Tech Support

-----Original Message-----
From: "Dothage, Jim"
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 10:49 AM
To: "Comments Email"
Subject: RE: Treadmill #F2B6A
I am going to assume that your technician diagnosed the problem correctly. It is still in parts exactly as he left it. Was the part supplied to him under warranty? If so he should still have it and he can come install it. Would you send me the information where and whom you sent the part to so I can follow up?

Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 10:22 AM
To: Dothage, Jim
Subject: RE: Treadmill #F2B6A

Dear Mr. Dothage,

I show that the technician you paid to diagnose the unit ordered a motor control board last March.

Did you do any of the troubleshooting I recommended in my first response? If so, please let me know the results so that I can make a recommendation for you. If this is the same problem as last year then it looks like you will need this circuit board. Your machine came with a 2 year parts warranty so this would have to be paid for if it is needed. The cost is $160 plus $10 for s/h.

Your machine is registered and we have the serial number on file so you do not need to send that information.

Best regards,
Jamie Beining
Horizon Fitness Tech Support

-----Original Message-----
From: "Dothage, Jim"
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 7:15 PM
To: ""
Subject: Treadmill
When we experienced the problem with the treadmill we attempted to contact the store where we purchased it from, since it was still under warranty. The store we purchased the treadmill from closed. So we were given a name of an authorize Horizon dealer and had them come out and look at it. He determined a chip was defective and he would need to order it. He charged us a $100.00 for the service call, but the part would be covered under warranty, we never heard from him again. This was about a year ago and I was about to pitch it but my wife wanted to try you all one more time. I don’t have the serial number with me but will supply to you if needed. Will also supply receipt per your request.

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Horizon fitness cst3

I bought the treadmill less than a year ago and not only is it loud and unstable. I went to exercise on the thing and the stupid display screen will not work and the belt won't run so that I can work out. I have tried their troubleshooting suggestions and it's still not working. Their product is a complete disappointment and a big money drain!

Don't buy it!

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