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We bought a True ES9.0

by Milliron
(iowa USA)

We have been planning on buying a treadmill for quite a while. After a lot of research we came down to the Landice L7 or L8, the LifeFitness T7 and the True ES 9.0.

We wanted to buy from an actual store so we could try each one out. The Landice was a solid treadmill, but for our 50 plus year old bodies it seemed very hard. The LifeFitness was a great machine, as was the True.

We settled on the True. It was very comfortable, had the programs we wanted and we got a wonderful deal which put it within 200 dollars of the LifeFitness. We decided that the 200 dollars for the True was well worth it for what we got. Plus this was the closest store. (We live in a very rural area so the "closest store" is still 70 miles away.)


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