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WASTE OF $2000.00

by Randy Rasmussen
(Vancouver,B.C. Canada)


I am emailing you today to inform you of the terrible experience we have had so far with our Pacemaster Gold Elite VR. We purchased it back in May of 2007 and in a span of a 1 and a half years we have had to get it fixed a half dozen times.

When we first purchased the machine from the Fitness store we were informed that it was the best one in the store. We had it professionally installed and it seemed as though it was working great, however, a couple months later out of the blue it kept flashing error.

There has been so many random problems with it, that I couldn't even tell you what they all were. Just one of the latest problems happened the other day while I was running on an incline, the machine started to smell like it was going to blow up then just stopped and started flashing error yet again.

The treadmill on average is only used by myself and sometimes by the 2 other members of my family. I myself only use it maybe an hour a day (when it decides to work).

It takes around 2-3 weeks to even get anyone to come fix it and that is a major inconvenience since I am in the middle of training for a marathon. Since having the treadmill, I have had to use the gym treadmill more. The purpose of buying the treadmill was so I didn't have to buy a gym pass, and to be able to use it in the convenience of my own home. Though it hasn't really worked out that way since I had to buy one anyways due to the fact that this one breaks down so much, and its always something different and usually difficult to fix because parts always have to be ordered in.

I just thought I'd finally write in a complaint because this last time it has broken down has finally become too much. I am almost scared to use it again seeing as anytime anyone uses it for longer than a span of a month it breaks down. It is not even like it is continually used all day long, and it is taken good care of. I am just completely disappointed with the product, and probably would NEVER purchase a Pacemaster again, it was a total waste of over $2000.

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