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Vision Fitness T9450 HRT

by chris roberts
(Auckland NZ)

Bought this treadmill new in August 2002. We did not plan to spend so much as we did. But after reading reviews on other brands, we realized that you have to spend the money if you want quality.

In September 2007 the belt started to make a noise, so we had the supplier come and service it and fit a new belt which costs $199 NZD(about $120USD). Up until that time the treadmill had not been touched by me, NOTHING at all in the way of lubrication to the belt etc. I had vacuum cleaned the PCB etc, but that is all. We were told when we bought it that the belt did not need to have any silicone applied, so in FIVE YEARS it worked faultlessly. I would say that the treadmill gets used roughly eight times per week, for 30 minutes each time. So work that out for durability of the belt! The service man (in 2007) told us we should silicone the belt every 6-8 weeks, so now that is what I do.

BUT do you know what makes this such a good treadmill? It is the unique suspension, there are TWO gas struts that elevate the deck. Once elevated, even by a small amount, it starts to soften the impact on the deck.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TREADMILL, it is worth every penny we spent.

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