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Treadmill Stopped - health trainer 502T

I have a health trainer 502T which has not been used very much and when I tried now .....
it starts but then stops dead? What could be wrong>

thank you


that's hard to say without more details on whats going on with your health trainer 502T.

If you could, contact a local technician to take a look. Even if he can't fix, they will be able to provide a more detail description of the issue for anyone to troubleshoot.

also, given the age of the unit, think-wisely before putting more funds into it. It maybe more economical for you to get a newer version.

either way, let me know however you may need help with

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Jan 28, 2021
Planned obsolescence product is the real repair issue
by: DrTreadmill25

I know your wanting a quick fix of replacing a cheap part or a turn of a screw to fix your treadmill that I’m sure has had the required maintenance done under the motor hood, between the belt/deck area with drive and running belt tension adjustments done…. RIGHT?

Before we get into the step by step technical, lets look at the elephant in the room on the product at hand.

Health Trainer and the other hundreds of "marketing named" fitness equipment is purposefully designed to have a limited life, if used at its price point under $1,000. Basically planned obsolescence.

Average Car in the USA sell for $37k in 2020. Would you purchase on-line an unknown name brand "brand new" car for $7k delivered to your driveway by a shipping company?

Average treadmill sold to gyms is $3,500 and average home treadmill (where the owner uses it as a treadmill and lasts more than 1 year) is $1,650.

That of course is the sold price and not an overinflated "list" price to give a false sense of buyer’s security. Most treadmills sold (in a competitive market price) under $1,000 will not allow this to happen due to manufacturing costs limitation.

Then add on to the shipping costs from overseas, customs costs to USA, distributor costs to stock and warehouse, marketing costs to find the homeowner to buy, and "free" shipping costs from their warehouse to your house. Then add in the profit for the person selling it to you.

How much is left for the quality of the parts by the manufacture who actually makes it for the "private label" company in the USA. Then the homeowner wants a good treadmill delivered price to their home under $1,000.

That said let’s get to the technical.

Treadmills are a high friction devise with a motor & electronics to move it with hundreds of pounds per step of the user to stop the drive system.

Then the source of the power comes from the wall outlet. All to say, its has to have a robust drive motor, motor controller, high amp of voltage from the wall outlet ie. breaker and very low friction between the belt/deck area to run as a treadmill is designed.

Then required maintenance is done under the motor hood, between the belt/deck area with drive and running belt tension adjustments done. Just like changing oil, brake pads and tires on your car.

A treadmill is more about the company who sells it, their customer support in parts & humans who answer the phone who work for the company, not a third party answering service in some remote part of the world. Then there is a manufacturing defect, or a part that premature wore out, or maintenance that needs to be done, it is corrected in a timely fashion and you’re walking or running on your treadmill daily for years to come.

My advice, as a 30 year Master Tech, throw it away and invest in a quality product by a full fitness company based here where you live, that will work for years to come, or find a way to walk outside or join a GYM.

Good Luck in your decision.

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