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Treadmill Belt Lubricant: Why You Should Use It

A Guide to Using Treadmill Belt Lubricant and Its Importance

If you are a treadmill owner, you might have heard about the treadmill belt lubricant. However, you may not be sure whether you need it or not. Here is a guide that will explain what it is and its importance on treadmill maintenance and the user's safety.

In a treadmill, the tread belt and the deck are among the most critical parts of the machine. Thus, it is important to maintain the life and usage of both to avoid damage and high cost of replacement.

Just to give you an idea, replacing both these parts of the machine may cost you about $500!

What is a Treadmill Belt Lubricant?

The treadmill lubricant is one way of maintaining the function of the belt as it moves along the deck every time it is in use.

Moreover, it also reduces wear on the other parts of the machine, providing safety and longer life to your treadmill.

When your treadmill is in shape even after years of use, you will not have to worry about repairing damages, replacing broken parts, and spending hundreds of bucks!

Types of Treadmill Belt Lubricants

According to material composition, there are two types of belt lubricants that you may see in the market. These are wax lubricant and silicone lubricant, which both come in various forms.

The wax lubricant comes in solid, powder, or granular form. The silicone lubricant, on the other hand, comes in liquid or spray can form.

To choose between the two, refer to your treadmill’s manual about which type of lubrication is best used for it. If the data is not available, ask the customer service instead.

It is important that you know which type to use to avoid damage and misuse. Remember, you are doing this to maintain and extend the life of your machine, and not break it down.

Warning! To Lubricate or Not?

While you know that belt lubricants are generally used to reduce the wear of your treadmill’s belt and other components, you should also know that not all treadmills need lubrication. Some treadmills are designed with decks that are already pretreated and do not need to be lubricated. If you try to use lubrication on such deck, it might only damage the entire machine.

Moreover, never assume that all models of a particular brand of treadmill have the same lubrication requirements. While some models allow their belts to be lubricated, other models of the same brand name do not.

Hence, before deciding to use lubrication or not, make sure that your machine is compatible with it. Read your owner’s manual to know whether your machine needs it or not.

Lubricating Your Treadmill

There is no single rule about the frequency and amount of lubrication you need to put into your treadmill. It varies from one treadmill to another. How often you maintain, clean, and preserve your machine actually depend on various factors, including the type, size, and quality of the belt and deck of your treadmill.

Basically, if you are using your treadmill for leisure walks and jogs, you can apply lubrication once every year. If, on the other hand, you are a serious runner who trains regularly, lube the machine once every 6 months. Also, depending on the number of users of the machine, you may want to do the lubrication more or less often.

When lubricating your treadmill, make sure it is not plugged into the power source. Read instructions on both the treadmill belt lubricant and your treadmill manual to know how to properly lubricate the belt of your machine. If you are not completely sure on how to go about the procedures, it is best to seek assistance from professionals.

Where To Buy Treadmill Lubricants?

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