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Star Trac TR901 by Unisen

by Dave
(Nevada City, CA)

I am an electrical engineer. I design broadcast transmitters. This treadmill was a spread-spectrum radio jammer. Its electronics (motor control system) created horrendous radio and television interference. It was so bad that I could not use ham radio or listen to broadcast radio when the treadmill was in use. I tried a power line filter but the treadmill evidently has transmitting antennas built-in. Fortunately the company had a satisfaction guarantee, and they took it back for a full refund.

I am sure this thing could never have passed FCC part 15 rules for either conducted or radiated interference.

If you ever intend to watch off-air TV or listen to the radio while using this treadmill, you may be out of luck.

After getting rid of the Star Trac "jammer," I investigated interference-free treadmills and learned that the Precors were designed for use in hospitals where heart monitors etc. use short range radio communications. The Precors were designed to NOT cause radio interference. We got the M9.35 instead. It's great. Now I can listen to the radio again while my wife is on the treadmill - and vice versa.

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