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Spirit Z8 Treadmill Review

Spirit Z8 Treadmill

Spirit Z8 Treadmill

Update: This treadmill has been discontinued.

To look for an alternative, you might want to check out our best treadmill page.

The one thing I can say about the Spirit Z8 treadmill is that it is pleasing to the eye.

However, I believe it lacks the features normally found in a treadmill worth $1,000.

Is This Machine for You?

If you’re looking for an affordable treadmill with great looks then this is the one for you. But if you’re really serious with your fitness goals, you’re going to need better specs and features than what this unit offers. May I recommend the Smooth 5.15P. It is currently our best buy treadmill below $1,000.

Features and Benefits

The Spirit Z8 treadmill has a 1.5HP continuous duty motor. Its maximum speed is 10mph and can be elevated for up to 11%. This motor power is below average when compared to other models in this price range.

The 18” x 50” running area also needs improvement. I think it is too small considering its price tag. Some people (especially big guys) may even feel uncomfortable working out on this space. So be sure to try it out first before deciding to buy.

Also, it only has 5 standard programs and no user defined or heart rate programs. With only these few programs, you might easily get bored using this machine.

A bright spot for this treadmill though, is its motor warranty. Like other Dyaco manufactured treadmills, this one also comes with a 30 years motor warranty, which is quite rare for a $1,000 treadmill.


The main weakness of this treadmill is that it lacks the features. Another complain I have is its parts' durability. If only Spirit would do something about this unit’s quality and features, I’m sure more people would be attracted to it.


I don’t recommend the Spirit Z8 for its lack of quality and features. For now, you’d be better off buying a Smooth 5.15P. You'll get more value for nearly the same price tag.


Motor: 1.5HP continuous motor

Speed: 0.5 to 10 mph

Incline: up to 11%

Belt Size: 18" x 50" 2-ply tread belt

Rollers: 2.5 inches

User Weight: 275 lbs

Heart Rate: No

Foldable: Yes


• 5 standard programs 

• Arm rest speed and incline control

Limited Warranty:

  • Motor- 30 years,
  • Frame- Lifetime,
  • Parts- 5 years,
  • Labor- 1 year

Where to Buy?

If you plan on buying a Spirit Z8 treadmill, I suggest you buy it from Amazon. You can get it for just $998.99.

Click here to visit the website and learn more

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