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Solid, reliable home treadmill???


We bought an expensive ($4100) True 550HRCO in 2005.

It works well enough, but will occasionally stop abruptly (circuit breaker on the unit trips) while running, which is a bit of a safety issue (when you reset the circuit breaker it’s back up and functioning).

It works fine for my wife, but I’m overweight (220 lbs) and if I run at faster than an 8’/mile pace something overheats and it stops.

My fault, but since I usually don’t run that fast I never bothered to really systematically pursue the issue until near the end of the warranty.

We had multiple TRUE people out here and they declined to fix the motor which I thought was the problem, but instead lubed it (which I did regularly anyways), and replaced the belt drive and drum.

We also had an electrician put it on its own circuit. None of these fixed the problem, so it is still stopping if I run too fast and now it is out of warranty.

Thus, does anyone have recommendations for a solidly built machine that will be more reliable and safe?

I’m a bit disappointed in True since it was an expensive machine and we never put more than 30 miles/week on it between us, so it was not being used heavily.

Maybe we just got a lemon on that unit with a bad motor, but I’d rather go with another company besides TRUE because of the issue, and would like to buy something made in American if possible.

Electronic bells and whistles are OK, but we are really looking for something that will function all the time as a simple treadmill and be safe.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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