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Sacred Heart Soup Diet

The Sacred Heart soup diet has been around since the 1980’s and is known by many names such as: the Cabbage Soup Diet, Miami Heart Institute Diet, the TJ Miracle Soup Diet, the Spokane Heart Diet, the General Motors Diet, the Russian Peasant Diet, and the Cleveland Clinic Diet. Whatever the name, it’s a controversial diet based on a seven days of eating a low calorie cabbage soup.

Dieters are told they can eat as much of the soup as they want. Ten pounds of weight loss are promised after a week of the Sacred Heart soup diet. The “secret” of the diet lies within the principle that you will burn more calories than you consume, while flushing your system of impurities.

What Do You Eat? Soup, Soup, and more Soup!! You can eat as much soup as you want, as often as you want, along with a few other choice items. Here is a breakdown of the 7 days of the diet:

Day 1 : Soup + any fruit (except bananas), as much as you want. That’s it for the day.

Day 2 : Soup + all vegetables: fresh raw, cooked or canned veggies. Focus on green leafy veggies and stay away from peas, corn and dry beans. Eat a baked potato with butter for dinner. No fruit today.

Day 3 : Soup + all the fruit and veggies you want. No baked potato today.

Day 4 : Soup + at least 3 bananas and as much skim milk as you can drink. Bananas give you carb calories along with potassium. Milk gives you calcium, protein, and carbs.

Day 5 : Soup + Beef (10 to 20 ounces) and Tomatoes (1 can, or up to 6 tomatoes for the day).

Day 6 : Soup + all the Beef and Veggies you can eat. No baked potato. Eat the soup at least once today.

Day 7 : Soup + Unsweetened fruit juice, brown rice and veggies, until full. Add cooked veggies to your rice if you’d like.

Here's The Recipe for the Cabbage Soup

During the week you are also allowed the following drinks: Unsweetened juices, Tea (also herbal), Coffee, Cranberry juice, Skim milk, and lots of water. You should allow at least 14 hours off the diet before any intake of alcohol. Do not eat any bread, alcohol, fried foods, or carbonated drinks (including diet drinks) while on the diet.

At the completion of the seven day, it is claimed that you’ll achieve weight loss of 10-17 pounds.

Reviews The Sacred Heart Soup Diet comes under heavy criticism from many sides. The American Heart Association has said: “it can undermine your health, cause physical discomfort (abdominal discomfort and flatulence (gas) ) and lead to disappointment when you regain weight soon after you lose it.” Both the Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane and the Sacred Heart Hospital in Montreal Canada have released statements saying they had nothing to do with the development of the diet and don’t want to be associated with it in any manner.

Bottom Line The Sacred Heart Soup Diet is the ultimate fad diet and should be avoided. It violates almost every principle of what constitutes a good, healthy, weight loss diet. For starters: It’s nutritionally unsound with it’s restricted, limited menu. You could never eat like this for the long term. There’s too much sodium and not enough protein. Most of the weight you lose will be water and will be gained back quickly. There is nothing magical about the contents of the diet. Any weight loss achieved comes from calorie restriction, nothing more....AND the best part is, you’ll likely be farting your ass off, so to speak, while on the diet. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? There are much better alternatives to this diet to achieve successful weight loss.

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