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Effective Tips for Running Injury-Free on Your Treadmill

Running Injury-Free

A Guide to Running Injury-Free and Comfortably During Treadmill Workouts

Running injury-free should not be impossible when doing treadmill workouts.

While training on your treadmill does pose a risk for various body injuries, if you keep yourself protected during your runs, you can prevent any kind of knee, ankle, or back injury.

Here is a list of effective tips that will help you avoid injuries during your regular strides on the treadmill.

Invest in a good pair of running shoes. Not all shoes are perfect for treadmill use. What you need is a pair that provides superior comfort and reduces injury while you are running. Moreover, make sure to replace your running shoes at least once a year to ensure the highest quality of shock absorbing capability.

Make it a habit to do some stretching before running on your treadmill. Stretching prepares your body for an extensive workout and reduces the risk of injuries. It loosens tight muscles, especially on the thigh, hamstring, and back area. So, before stepping on the running belt, allot at least 10 minutes for a whole body stretching exercise.

IMPORTANT: Warm up your legs first before running! Most people forget to do this that’s why they end up getting injured. To do this, start by doing a slow walk for about 3 to 5 minutes, then gradually increase your pace until you reach your desired speed and intensity.

Likewise, when you’re finished with your running routine, do not just stop abruptly. Cool your body down before getting off the machine. To do this, end your routine with a gentle jog, followed by a few more light stretching. This is important as it allows your blood and oxygen to circulate to the muscles and avoid any soreness or fatigue.

If you are working out in a fitness club where there is a variety of treadmills to choose from, pick a treadmill that offers a good cushioning system. Often, expensive and first-rate machines offer this feature which eliminates side to side motion, and thus, reduce stress and tension on your joints, ankles, and knees.

If your treadmill has a safety clip feature, take advantage of it. Safety clips are designed to automatically stop the treadmill when you stop running, as well, like when you can’t keep up with the pace or if you want to rest for a little while. This safety feature of most advanced treadmills will help you in running injury-free, safely, and comfortably.

Do not overdo your treadmill workout. No matter how safe you think your machine is, if you push yourself to more than what you can do, you will eventually feel the body pain. If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, simply increase your intensity little by little every time.

In relation to the one above, avoid doing treadmill exercises every day. A lot of rest days, say 2 days in a week, to enable you to regain your strength and recover from extensive trainings.

Finally, if you want to be running injury-free, take also into consideration the food and drink that you consume. Nutrition plays a vital role in exercising and achieving your desired body weight and figure. Make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid food without nutritional value. Eat food that is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Also, drink significant amount of water that will rehydrate your body.

Running injury-free should not be difficult, but it does take a little effort from your side. Just follow these guidelines and you are sure to avoid any harm and danger from doing treadmill exercises.

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