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Run... AWAY from this one

by Dave

I have owned this about 11 months now. About 400 miles so far, so not too much. The motor has been replaced twice, the power supply board has been replaced once. The motor belt was replaced once. The service guy has been to my house three times so far. After his last visit, a couple weeks ago, something was slipping - either the tread belt or the motor belt. I finally was able to tighten the motor belt and now it seems OK.

The programs available are just OK. I wish that you could take one of the existing programs and bump the entire program up or down, but you can't. You can only bump up/down the current speed. So if you have a pattern you like, but the max speed is 7 mph and you'd rather have the max at 5, you can't adjust the whole thing at once.

I just bought the extended warranty for it, given the trouble I've had.

I wish I'd bought up a notch or two.

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