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Putting it to the test...soon/

by Roberta
(Phoenix, AZ)

I have read thru all the entries here., and like anything...some love it, some hate it. All say set up was easy (yea!!) , but there seem to be a few that have display issues. Not being able to trust the readings would be dissapointing. Having it not work right off the bat, would be maddening. For the good price of this "starter" Treadmill, we won't expect it to last forever, but I am optimistic that we will get a few good years out of it at least! We also bought it at Walmart today for $377. They did not have the mat we need one on a tile floor? If so where do you buy one? I agree with the one who hoped the display would show up brighter in the dark, if that ends up being the same for us. I really hope its not broken. My dear husband surprised me with it today, to help us both lose weight...and we do not need any excuses for delay!! Thanks everyone for all the comments, which have been helpful!

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