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Proform CrossWalk 425 Treadmill Review

Proform CrossWalk 425 Treadmill

Proform CrossWalk 425 Treadmill

The Proform CrossWalk 425 treadmill is one of the best Proform models that features the patented upper body exercise bar.

However, just like other entry level treadmills, this one also comes with questionable quality.

Is It for You?

This machine is perfect for people who want a full body exercise while running on their treadmills. However, I highly doubt that this unit can take the pounding of an intense run. So if you’re a serious runner, I suggest you buy a treadmill not lower than $1,500. (See our best buy treadmills page)

Features and Benefits

For those who prefer light workouts, then this Proform’s Mach™ 1.3 CHP drive motor is a good option. It comes with up to 10mph speed and 10% incline. But due to its cheap parts, I don’t recommend you maximize this machine’s capabilities.

As I’ve said above, this treadmill boasts the patented upper body exercise bars which give you an upper body workout while running. It also features 2 CrossWalk® Calorie Workouts. These programs encourage you to use the upper body arms to burn more calories.

The 17” x 50” tread belt is pretty decent considering that this is a below $500 unit. Another feature is the ProSoft™ Plus impact reducing cushion which softens impact on your joints by up to 22% compared to road running for maximum joint protection.

The CrossWalk 425 treadmill also comes with a blue tinted LCD display. This attractive console displays your speed, time, distance, calories burned and pulse so you can monitor your progress during your exercise.

Another feature included with this model is the EKG™ heart rate monitor. It reads your pulse rate by placing your thumb on the sensor that is built on the console. This is perfect for those who workout using their target heart rate.

And finally the Crosswalk 425 boasts of a 3 year motor warranty. This warranty simply shows that Proform is confident with their motor. However, the 90 days parts and labor warranty proves that cheap parts were used in making this unit and that these parts won’t last long.

What This Treadmill Lacks

The Proform CrossWalk 425 treadmill comes with cheap parts which is why its quality and reliability is below average. But that is something to be expected with entry level treadmills. However, compared to other low-priced units, this one definitely provides better value.


I do recommend the Proform CrossWalk 425 treadmill but only to those who can’t afford a more expensive model. This unit is one of the best in its price range but I would not recommend it to hardcore runners due to its cheap parts. So if you are a serious runner I suggest you visit our best buy treadmills page and choose a treadmill in the $1,500 or above price range.


Cost: $499

Motor: 1.3 CHP Mach™ motor

Running Deck: 55”L x 17”W

Speed: 0 to 10 mph

Incline: 0 to 10%

Foldable: No

Heart Rate: Yes

Warranty: 3 years motor; 90 days parts and labor


• EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor

• QuickSpeed™ control

• Blue tinted LCD display

• Power Incline®

• 2 CrossWalk® Calorie Workouts

• CrossWalk® upper body arms

• ProSoft™ Plus Impact Reduction

Where to Buy?

If you plan on buying a Proform CrossWalk 425, I suggest you buy it at They offer the cheapest price around the net. You can get it for just $499.99.

Click here to visit Amazon's Proform CrossWalk 425 treadmill page

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