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Proform 8.0 ZT Treadmill Review

Proform 8.0 ZT Treadmill

Proform 8.0 ZT Treadmill

The Proform 8.0 ZT treadmill is one of the better quality treadmills this year from Proform's ZT lineup.

However, although it comes with better quality than most ZT treadmills, this is still a budget treadmill and budget treadmills are usually made of cheap parts.

Is This Treadmill for You?

If you're looking for a decent entry level treadmill that you would use for walking or very light jogging, then you should really check out our review of this treadmill. It comes with beautiful packaging and great finish. But, since Proform used cheap parts in making this machine, some people might get turned off. If that is the case, then I suggest you visit our best buy treadmills page to look for other quality treadmills.

What You’ll Get

For those who prefer light workouts, then this Proform’s 2.25 CHP drive motor is a good option. It comes with up to 10mph speed and 10% incline. It also comes with Quick Speed and Quick Incline features which allow you to instantly and easily change the speed or incline of your workouts for added intensity. Nevertheless I don’t recommend you maximize this machine’s capabilities because of its quality.

The 18” x 55” tread belt is pretty basic this is just an entry level treadmill. It gives you just enough room to be comfortable while you walk on this machine. There is also the ProResponse™ cushioning which supports and minimizes the impact of your stride for a safer and more comfortable workout.

There are 12 built-in workouts to choose from and if that's not enough you can add some iFIT® workout cards for even more variety. These optional workout cards allow you to exercise as if have a personal trainer beside you talking to you. . It automatically controls the speed, incline and duration of your workout depending on your personal goals.

Other features include a blue tinted LCD display which shows you important information regarding your workout so you can easily monitor your progress, SpaceSaver® feature which folds the treadmill vertically so you can easily store it after use and the dual grip EKG heart rate monitor for people who checks their heart rates during workouts.

What This Treadmill Lacks

As I’ve mentioned above, the biggest fallback of this unit is its cheap parts. It is an entry level treadmill so don’t expect this machine to be problem-free for very long.


If you’re going to buy an entry level treadmill, then the Proform 8.0 ZT treadmill is definitely worth considering. Just be sure to take good care of it and avoid running on it. However, if you are a serious runner, you should stay away from this machine. This is not for you. You'll be better off buying a treadmill with bigger motor and better quality. (see our best buy treadmills page)


Cost: $599

Motor: 2.25 Continuous HP Motor

Running Deck: 55”L x 18”W

Speed: 0 to 10 mph Quick Speed

Incline: up to 10% Quick Incline

Foldable: Yes

Heart Rate: Yes

Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs

Warranty: 7 years motor, 90 days parts and labor

• Dual Grip EKG heart rate monitor
• 12 Pre-set workouts
• Blue Tinted LCD Window
• ProResponse™ Cushioning
iFIT® Workout Card Technology

Where to Buy?

If you plan on buying a Proform 8.0 ZT treadmill, I suggest you buy from amazon. They offer the lowest price on the net. It is currently on sale for just $599.00.

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Buy From Amazon

from USD $ 535.92

Buy From WalMart from USD $452.70

Buy From Sears from USD 419.99

Buy From ProForm 

from USD $799

(Once again, if you plan on buying this machine I suggest you buy from amazon.)

Click here to visit the website

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