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Personal Trainer Cost FAQ

Push to the Top

by Rachel

I had surgery, and after sitting around for several weeks, my body was no longer in shape. I was unable to do any activities without getting tired quickly. I had no stamina. In addition, my muscles were very weak, and my body was constantly aching when I did physical activities.

I enlisted a personal trainer to help get me back in shape, because I need someone to workout with, that will push and motivate me.

I found an ad for a personal trainer, and I contacted Toni. We made a list of my problems, and a list of my goals, and mapped out a strategy and a training schedule. 

The most convenient time to train for me was early in the morning, so we agreed to start at six o'clock in the morning, working three days per week. The program was an eight week program, and we decided on a rotating schedule of weights twice a week the first week, and cardiovascular three times every week.

The road behind my house is on a hill, and my goal was to push a cart to the top of the hill, and bring it back down, loaded with Toni.

Toni was there every morning, always a cheerful person, constantly urging me on. She worked alongside me all eight weeks, no it's no wonder she is in great physical shape. By the 8th week I was finally able to push the cart (with Toni) to the top of the hill. 

Cost Of A Personal Trainer

by Gary K 

(Long Beach, CA, USA)

Just yesterday I met with my trainer for what will the be the last time. Unfortunately, the cost of a personal trainer became an issue for me. I am kind of upset about this because, to be honest, I think she's a great trainer; probably the best I've ever met with. Unfortunately the cost of a personal trainer is pretty high... she charges $50 per session, and this is the reason I won't be going back.

My favorite thing about her is her sense of humor. I am not the most serious of people, but I am serious about getting fit. I do not respond well to the types of trainers that scream and yell at you and push you to your limit. I respond much better to someone that instructs me on what to do, where I should feel the "burn", and proper form when performing weight training. The fact that this trainer could also make me laugh was a huge deal to me as well, as it made the time go by much quicker, and made me less embarrassed when my arms/legs would give out on me.

In summary, to me a good personal trainer is knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. If only the cost of a personal trainer was less costly, I would definitely stay with her.

Personal Trainer Motivation Through Challenge

by Mae

I've used a personal trainer off and on for over ten years. I find that a personal trainer keeps me motivated to work out and stay fit. The best experiences I've had are with trainers who push me to my limits but at the same time understand my limitations. The worst experiences I've had are with trainers who are just there to punch a clock or fill out your work out records. 

My current personal trainer is always looking for new exercises we can do and keeps our sessions fresh. The added challenge is that because I have joint problems, the exercises have to be easy on my joints but also give me a decent work out. I wouldn't be able to come up with these exercises on my own or even by looking on the internet because I don't understand physiology and kinesiology like my trainer does. 

I would recommend seeing a personal trainer if you want the motivation to keep going and are motivated by challenge. I would also recommend seeing a personal trainer if you've have any degenerative joint disorders or injuries as they can help you find exercises that will still give you a good workout without causing further injury.

My Personal Trainer Didn't Listen

by Jessica

I began working with a personal trainer just to make sure I wasn't hurting my muscles or overexerting myself unnecessarily. I wanted to achieve my goal of overall stronger muscles. At first my trainer worked with my personal abilities and I achieved good progress towards my goal, but after a couple months she began pushing my knees and joints more than was comfortable.

After a particularly painful session I told her this, but she insisted I was able to do the exercises without undue stress on my joints since I was young and uninjured. 

Unfortunately my body disagreed with her and I stopped seeing her after one too many sessions with achy knees and shoulders bothering me. I didn't return to the gym and cancelled my membership there. I hope I won't pin her mistakes on the rest of the personal trainers I'm sure I'll want to see later in life.

I certainly have an aversion to personal trainers at the moment. It may take a while to get back to working with another personal trainer.

My Personal Trainer Success Story

by Liz 

(Philadelphia, PA)

I started working with a personal trainer about one year ago. His name is Rick, but I often called him other names that weren't so nice. I started off at over 200 pounds. I was so sick of being fat that I decided to use my last resort-- a personal trainer. I didn't really want one because I was scared they would be disgusted with me because I was so out of shape. I know it's dumb but I wanted to be thin and in shape before I got a trainer! 

Anyway, Rick ended up being the best thing that happened to me. I wanted a male trainer because I thought if I had a good looking male trainer I would work harder! Rick taught me lots of exercise. We mostly did free weights and boot camp kind of stuff because Rick felt you should know how to work out even when you don't have a gym to go to. He also devised a cardio plan for me and we talked a little bit about nutrition, too.

I was very good about coming to the gym the rest of the week because I did not want to disappoint him if I didn't follow the schedule! Any time I was off schedule, he would just shake his head, but then encourage me to "get back on the horse". 

Anyway, I lost 50 pounds in a little over six months. And I did it the RIGHT way. It's slower to get it off now, and I am only working with Rick once a month due to financial reasons, but I would never have done it without him! I was lucky and really clicked with the first trainer I got, but if I was to do it again I would have asked a lot more questions!

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