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Perfect Six Pack Abs

perfect six pack abs

Perfect six pack abs are the goal of many fitness enthusiasts. The LA Times had an article in their "Ask The Trainers" column of their Health section (Sept.16, 2008) titled "The Truth About Rolling Back the Ab Flab. It surveyed 3 trainers for their thoughts on the best way to getting a six pack.

Here are my 4 keys to rolling back the flab and working for a killer six pack:

1) Reducing body amount of ab work will overcome excessive body fat, so a healthful diet is essential. A body fat level of <10% for men and <15% for women is generally required for a six pack.

2) Spot reducing doesn't work....exercising an area won't directly cause fat loss in that area. However, you do need to work your abs hard through a variety of high intensity ab exercises. Ab muscle definition comes from low body fat and developed abs. You'll build your abs most effectively with ab exercises utilizing external resistance and overload (medicine ball) rather than 100's of crunches.

3) Besides specific ab work, you must do whole body, multi-joint strength training exercises that builds muscle mass, burns calories, and develops your core muscles. Do whole body strength training exercises like- push ups, pull ups, dips, squats, lunges, step ups, etc.

4) Cardio training, specifically interval training, will rev up your metabolism so that you're burning additional calories even at rest.

Do all of these and you will go along way towards achieving that six pack you desire.

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