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nutty reviewers run amuck

by gino
(new york, new york)

hey people,

don't be fulled by these butty reviewers who claim that every "cheapo" treadmill is not going to last very long. i've been using treadmills for about 23 years now and i have more than got my moneys worth out of the 2 weslos i have purchased in that time. i paid about $250. for #1 and it lasted 13 years. the motor still ran fine but the belt went. i still have and am currently using my #2 which cost $300. don't believe these lying phony reviews you'll read here because a lot of these guys are reps from the extreme treadmill companys who want to steer you towards their overkill products. this sort of thing happens all the time in the world of onsite reviews. they always get in there and trash the competition in phony reviews. did you read the review that said the motor went as soon as he turned it on? that's a lie obviously.(ever here of warranty replacement?)even if it were true, it would be a freak situation. these guys are just trying to sucker people into buying an overpriced extreme unit for the home which is nutty in itself. i'm in no way trying to say that these top notch machines are not higher quality. you have to realize that most of these units are made to run all day long in a health club situation. if you're trying to keep yourself in shape as i have done in my time on the treadmills walking or running 4 days a week then don't buy the hype. sure these extreme mills are great. ...and hey, if you wanna pay $3000. or maybe more for prestige, go ahead, but it's overkill for the home. certainly a $500-$700 dollar mill is more than enough for the individual workingout at home and will last a very long time and even longer if you don't mind changing a belt or 2.


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