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Not the value I thought it was

by Carol
(North Carolina)

I purchased this treadmill used on Craigslist for $350 two years ago.

The former owner had it for ten years, paid $1500 for it and only put 9 miles on it.

I thought an expensive treadmill with only 9 miles on it for $350 would be a steal.

I've probably put less than 50 miles on it in the two years that I've owned it and it keeps shutting itself off.

I paid $75 for a repair guy to look at it.

It turns out the controller (circuit board) is bad.

Replacing it will cost close to $400 (excluding the $75 I've already spent).

Had I known the controller would go bad I would have bought something else but at this point it's probably cheaper to repair it than replace it.

This will be the only time I repair it though.

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