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Nordic Track FS7i

by Randall Roberts
(Atlanta, GA)

I've had a very negative experience with the Nordic Track FS7i.

Delivery was either to drop at the street or pay an extra $300 for delivery and set up in home.

The box is a couple hundred pounds + so I opted for set up.

Glad i did as the two guys who had done it before even had some issues. it is not a super simple set up.

Once i got to using it i was reasonably pleased. It provided a pretty good work out with a variety of motions.

Unfortunately the screen and training modes were not very easy to access and asked for a subscription every time i got on the machine even though it was supposed to offer a 1 year subscription to all training modules.

After using the machine a few times, always on one of the shortest, least strenuous workouts available, i developed a strain to my hip flexor. This got so bad that i was incapacitated for over a week and i was in severe pain that had me in bed for almost two days.

I am not in relative great shape for me at this time, but I am athletic and should not have had this much trouble from a couple of easy workouts.

I also understand how to warm up and stretch before a work-out so you can eliminate those suggestions.

All i can think of is that the motion of this machine, particularly the long stride that is trying to emulate running but is more like cross county skiing, strained my hips so badly as to cause this pain.

When i inquired about returning or trading in the machine i was greeted with all the warmth of a third party that didn’t care one bit about my problems.

They informed me that i would have to break down the machine and send it back in its original box (which had since been destroyed) and that i would be responsible for shipping and a restocking fee.

In other words – ha – go f@#% yourself. And the second attempt to contact customer service went about the same way.

I cannot recommend this product as it did not fit me personally.

You may have a different experience with it. I definitely cannot recommend this company as they do not care about you once the product is sold.

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